Field Trip 

This week Iím planning to visit the nerds lining up at Graumanís in anticipation of Episode III.

Historically, this is the first time Star Wars will not be playing at the Chinese theater. This time it will be playing down the street at ArcLight. (Yes, the nerds know that and yes, the nerds don't care.) As you may have read, ArcLight is my favorite theater in the world. Still, it doesnít seem right that The Revenge of the Sith isnít playing at Graumanís.

If you canít visit the nerds yourself, then you can call them on the theater payphone: 323/462-9609

Or AIM them at sn: LiningUp2005

This will probably be cooler than that time I drove by Paramount Studios and honked at the Star Trek Enterprise protesters while flashing them the live long and prosper.

Maybe I should take the nerds some baked goods. Or stickers. Or something.

...I mean, do Jedi actually need anything?

After calling the nerds on Graumanís payphone, I learned that Jedi need pizza in order to defeat the Sith (or stand in line for a really long time).

I also received this welcoming e-mail:

Yo Jessica, This is Elliot from the Star Wars line. Now I know who you are... I have AOL (unfortunately). Anyway, stop by, bring food and good company, thatís all we ask. We hope to see you soon. Elliot

P.S. May the Force be with you (yes, we are geeks!)

Does anyone else think that Jedi is a more convincing religion than Scientology?

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