Nerd Haiku 

Reflections on Nerdom
A Haiku Script by C. Sto

Yes, the end is near
The nerd queens will duel today
Heroes go prepare.

Jessica is Queen;
A ninja can never lose
Star Wars nerds will see...

The nerds are going
To the dark side of the force
Who will save them? You?

Star Wars nerds are here
Why do they hate the U.S.?
George Bush needs your help

Alpha Nerd should chill
Or Wil Wheaton will destroy
Everything she is

Star Trek is so cool
Star Wars is also awesome
Nerds should get along

Frodo served those punks
His break dancing is the best
Don't mess with the nerds

Grauman's theatre
Will not give in to the nerds
The Chinese are strong

When the sun comes up
The nerds line will still be there
Wrong theatre, nerds

Nerds Say:

We nerds will stand strong
Wheaton will not destroy us
With his mockery

Where are my glasses?
There are stickers everywhere
But I can't read them

We sleep so soundly
While laying here in the line
Please do not disturb

Retribution Haiku by Jessica

Midnight Ninja stealth.
Nerds sleep sound in tents nearby…
Got your cookies, fools!

Drive By Haiku by Jessica

Crack! Crack! Nerds, to arms!
Frat boys egging--Use The Force--
Yolk face not funny.

Why am I all eggy?
I can’t chase those punks down now.
Light saber soggy.

Eggs are everywhere.
It’s not even Easter. GOSH!
Jedi don’t hunt eggs.

Stupid dudes in cars,
Tossing little eggs at nerds,
Cameras record you.

Nerd Phone Haiku (323/462-9609) by Jessica

Trouble? Call our phone!
New capes, Nerds fight crimes by night,
Then we watch some Tron.

15 Minutes Haiku by Jessica

Windy. Orange dust slides,
Blows down Hollywood tonight…
Nerds, pass, your time does.

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