Nerd Advisory 

This just in from the National Nerd Center:

A severe nerd warning is in effect for the Hollywood area outside of Grauman”s Chinese Theater.

Surly nerds have been spotted on payphones, computers and playing Magic the Gathering.

Should you come across a surly nerd, try to take cover in a ditch or behind some frat guys...

RugbyJohn8: Hey what's up? My name's John...
LiningUp2005: hi John
RugbyJohn8: Who am I talking to?
LiningUp2005: the star wars line
RugbyJohn8: I know that part
LiningUp2005: be very careful
LiningUp2005: 30 of us are watching everything you say.
LiningUp2005: we even have an English teacher
LiningUp2005: she can be very mean to IMers
LiningUp2005: try to keep your grammar and spelling to a 12th grade standard
LiningUp2005: just to stay on the safe side
RugbyJohn8: I wish it was you who would be more careful. You guys are dicks. My pal Jessica Stover called your line a while ago. She was dragging me along to deliver pizza to you guys AGAIN because she felt for you that it rained and you got egged, but when she called to see how many people were there and if its a good time come by, no one would talk to her and whoever answered was an asshole
RugbyJohn8: So maybe you guys should be nicer to callers, that pissed me off. I didn”t want to go in the first place and then that BS was shitty.
LiningUp2005: surprisingly
LiningUp2005: we get a lot of prank calls
RugbyJohn8: Look either deal with it or don't answer the phones. It”s your choice to do that. Don”t take your shit out on other people. She wasn't being rude or pranking you. Jesus.
LiningUp2005: at this point you should feel glad we're answering the phone
RugbyJohn8: right just like we should feel glad to bring you pizza.
LiningUp2005: please don't take the name of our Lord and Savior in vain on His Holy day.
RugbyJohn8: Fucking God. She's a better person than I am. I don't know how she deals with you all.
LiningUp2005: me either
LiningUp2005: welcome to the blocked list, btw
“LiningUp2005” signed off at 5:41:56 PM.

"Better?" A better person would have delivered the pizzas anyway. I, however, did not.

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