J.Sto Calling ManchaÖ J.Sto Calling Mancha... 

Here is what happens when I call home:

Jessica: ÖYeah, so then I said ďthatís stupidĒ and he got all pissed off. But it was stupid--I need a new manager--
Mom: What is that?
Jessica: What?
Mom: That car in the driveway.
Jessica: Oh you mean that car? Itís a car. By the way, I canít see it. Iím in California.
Mom: Itís a pizza guy. Honey, did you order a pizza?
The Grizz: (in b.g.) No?
Jessica: His name is The Grizz, fool.
Mom: What is he doingÖ Heís coming up to the door.
Sound of C.Sto coming downstairs.
Mom: What is he doing? What an idiot. What is he doing?
Jessica: Delivering a pizza.
Mom: Heís delivering a pizza here. Did you order a pizza?
The Grizz: (in b.g.) No.
C.Sto: (in b.g.) Yes.
Mom: Oh. Well itís here. C.Sto ordered a pizza.
Jessica: And didnít tell anyone? Wow, weird. I wonder what else sheís secretly ordered. Itís like she has this whole other life where she orders stuff and no one knows about it.
Mom: Shut up. You have a spelling error on your website, by the way.
Jessica: Now I want a pizza. If I log on to fix that error, I know Iíll end up ordering pizza on the Internet.
Mom: Donít do that.
Jessica: Iím not.
Mom: Good.
Jessica: Well all right then. So weíre in agreement, I will order pizza on the Internet and charge it to your credit card.
Mom: Yes.
Jessica: Then I will chargeó
Mom: Wait, what?
Jessica: Other line. Gatta go, later Madre.
Jessica: Hello?
C.Sto: Hey.
Jessica: Um, yeah. I was just talking to M.Sto on the Mancha line.
C.Sto: I know.
Jessica: OK. Just so long as you recognize the fact that you cut Mom off, we can proceed.
C.Sto: I ordered a pizza.
Jessica: Yes. I hear that's big news.
C.Sto: Hey I gatta go, someone's calling my other phone.
Jessica: OKtalktoyoulaterbye.

Why does C.Sto have two cell phones? Because she's a player. That's why.

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