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Since you have been asking, I will say my thoughts on Prisoner of Azkaban.

Film three is much better than one and two. Alfonso Cuaron visually ushered in the dark tones and magical humor that I so love in the books. Under his direction, Hogwarts finally began to breathe and dance.

The serious problem with films one and two has not been exorcised: Story. Story. STORY. Granted, the story issues are not as horrible as they were in Chamber of Secrets, but the problems are still bad enough to draw attention to themselves. Too many of the scenes preceding the climax sequences are just scenes. The glue, the urgency, the protagonist’s drive that holds together the narrative and propels us through the story is lacking. Writers can get away with a few “watch this now because it’s important later” scenes in any one movie, but not for 3/4 of the entire work.

What the hell is going on at WB? We know that Harry Potter stories work and work well. It is all there in the books; tension, important relationships, mystery… Rowling has offered up more than adequate source material. Who is green-lighting these scripts? Are they in complete denial of what makes a movie good? (And no, it's not the sad fact that we fans of the book will shell out to see a movie even if it sucks.)

Having a new director greatly improved the visuals and acting in the Potter franchise. WB should look for a new writer before Phoenix gets underway.

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Later, Muggles.

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