As I post this entry it is not yet September. Regardless, I am archiving August and dating this entry “September 1.” Am I that anxious to get on with things? Yes. I realize that this is not very “in the moment” of me. You’ll have to pardon me if I don’t give a good goddamn.

Don't get me wrong: This summer has been interesting, (as you may have read,) but I'm just not sad to see the season go. Fall is my favorite part of the year and I feel very good about the upcoming months.

…And, who says we have to follow the traditional, boring calendar anyway? I hereby proclaim that “September” will henceforth be known as “Awesomber,” will have 42 days, three full-moons and one leap-year. Not to mention a new, rad holiday requiring all citizens to dress like Ninjas or else. More details to come.

Related Photo:Ninja J.Sto.

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