What’s in C.Sto’s Outbox? 

Dear Wil Wheaton,

As an avid reader of your blog I have decided to help you promote your totally awesome webpage. Your "Wil Wheaton has a posse" t-shirt is very clever and I definitely want one. So, instead of me buying your t-shirt for $22, then having to charge you for advertising (at least $5.00 every time I wear it), I will cut you a deal: you provide me with a free shirt and I will provide you with free advertising.

I will wear the shirt at least twice a week as I walk around campus and go to classes, which guarantees that at least 50,000 people will see it every week (I am very popular). In addition, I have a bunch of friends that are huge TNG fans and who will be so jealous of my Wil Wheaton shirt that they will buy one of their own, maybe more than one.

Also, I am pictured on my sister's website, www.jessicastover.com, all the time which will be at least another 500,000 people that will see your shirt on a daily basis (the site is famous and awesome).

Let me know if this deal is appealing to you. I wear a size small and really like the navy baseball tee.

C. Stover


C3PSto: I still haven't gotten an e-mail from Wil Wheaton telling me to expect my free t-shirt in 7-10 days.
C3PSto: What's taking so freaking long!

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