Hunting The Awesome 

So it is 2:30 AM and I am learning some Latin amongst other things.

Do you ever wonder how you can complain about so much stuff and yet do nothing to help your cause?

I feel that way about pollution.

I have found that it is legal to ride a horse in LA so long as you obey the traffic laws. Although, the guy at the police station said he didn’t know if that applies to freeways. I didn’t ask about camels, either.

Then I went online and used my calculator to discover that buying and keeping a horse in LA is way cheaper than buying and keeping a car, even if you buy a Clydesdale from Scotland and have him shipped to California horseshoes and all.

That LAPD guy also told me that, in general, it is illegal to carry a bow and arrow. (It depends on the manner in which you plan to carry said accessory/weapon.) I saw this more as a “yes” than a “no.” Of course, this doesn’t help pollution: It matches the horse. If I’m going to ride a Clydesdale from Scotland around Beverly Hills while playing orchestral X-Ray Dog from my portable iPod speakers then I better look amazing while doing so. Also, archery is a sweet sport. (I am not interested in hunting.)

Unless I am hunting The Awesome.

Which, clearly, I don’t need to do.

Because it comes to me on its own accord, fools.

That's right, I said it.

2:41: The End.

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