Inbox: Lists & Lions 

OK, Jess, so we all know how much you love making lists. But what about C.Sto? Does she have any lists? Thanks and can't wait to see you on the big screen! Brendi Ft. Washington

C.Sto has been working on one specific list for years. I'll call her now to ask her if I can share her life's work.

Jessica: Hey, C3PSto, this chick named Brendi, who we definitely don't hate, wants you to tell her about one of your lists.
C.Sto: Who's Brendi?
Jessica: Brendi lives in a Fort.
C.Sto: You mean a tree house?
Jessica: No, Fort Washington.
C.Sto: That's a city.
Jessica: You're a city.
C.Sto: You're an idiot.
Jessica: You are.
C.Sto: Cool, Jessica.

Anyway, here is C.Sto's list of people who look like lions:

Julia Stiles
Cate Blanchett
The Dad From One World

If you see anyone who looks like a lion call animal control. Then post the name here so that C.Sto can add the individual to her list of lions.

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