Standing Room Only 

Today I was e-mailed an online, Kodak EasyShare gallery with the event photos from that BSG sweepstakes I entered and won and then it sucked. Itís like the event photographer they hired was documenting our story. (I would photo credit him, but they didnít include his credit with the photos, so I am unable.)

I pulled a few of the low-res images from the gallery so that you may see our night more vividly. There were about 90 photos total, four lines of photos in the gallery, one line of which was set in the VIP area where most of the event coordinators each took time to pose with Helo individually while we all mingled below for two hours wondering what the fuck was going on.

Check out the view of our heads from the VIP area. Strangely, our sweepstakes winner VIP badges could not get us into the VIP area. I have pointed out our amazing table, where C.Sto, Jameson, Mark and I stood for hours before being required to stand for another hour during the screening. I had mentioned that we took up sitting on the floor in attempts to actually be able to see the screen. Let it be known that I speak the truth.

Earlier, when we came in, we also stood in line.

Here is a picture of the place wherein we did most of our standing just before we were standing there.

And Jameson did indeed take a shot of Jameson with the Chief. See? Itís all true.

Finally, anytime there is a microphone I will get it. Unfortunately, the photographer insisted on shooting people at odd up angles (or on flat lines) all night.

But really; aren't these photos a crack up? I don't know if I've ever felt so annoyed and amused all at once!

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