Ice (Queen) Bucket Challenge 
August 31, 2014

Here are the annotations:

(I put as many ads on this as YouTube allows for indie partners in hopes of raising revenue to donate.)

About ALS:

I had dozens of clever annotations planned but the YouTube annotations tool is not working properly, so here they are!
- Washington Post article on NIH cuts:
- (USA) Contact your congressional reps:

- Set up your own rain barrel:

Artists and Philanthropy
Examples -
- Nancy O'Dell for ALS:
- Matt Damon for Water dot org:
- Geena Davis for The Geena Davis Institute:
- Paul Walker for Reach Out World Wide:
- Comprehensive List:
- Important Article from The New Yorker:

Persuasion, Influence & Media Literacy
Abilene Paradox:
Social Exchange Theory & Altruism:
Two Routes to Persuasion: (Which does the challenge use?)
Persuasion Primer:
Sociological Images:
Basic Persuasion Example:
Principles of Influence:
- Asch Conformity:
- Marrying a Stranger:
- Milgram Experiment:
- Stanford Prison Experiment:
- Watching these videos will make you a champ:
- What does Freud's nephew have to do with it?:

On Twitter:

I pass this video to:
- /
- his video:

This was passed to me from Dave:

Q: What is this "Wingman" stuff you mentioned at the end?
A: "Wingman" are official film supporters of the film ARTEMIS ETERNAL.
Watch this:
Go here:

I hope you found something here that stimulated your imagination.

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