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Update: Yesssss! The Galloping Scared article is now available online. (Knowing they will eventually remove the link.)

There”s a story in the new Vanity Fair titled Galloping Scared. I really want to link it for you, but apparently it is not on their website. (Their website is pissing me off: All I can find are annoying photos of George Clooney.)

For now, here”s a blog with an overview,

A link to the Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates.

And a list about my feelings:

I am pissedx2 about not being able to link that article direct, much less at all: This prevents discussion.

The Department of the Interior is crossing me. Majorly. Now on two issues.

Not that Clooney usually annoys me, but for reasons I”m still deciphering the photo spread Vanity Fair produced bothers me a great deal.

I like horses.

a, e, i, o, u,
El burro sabe mas que tu,

(I learned that in Exploratory Spanish.)

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