Entry: Thundering Hooves
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From Curtis Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
The only thing that could have improved this most excellent letter would have been to change You're welcome for my time to Your welcome for my time. smile

Otherwise, excellent!!
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From Westsidekef
GAH! Curt! My second biggest pet peeve is when people don't know there contractions from there similar sounding words...see what I did their?
Number one pet peeve? Example: PIN Number, ATM Machine, and a new favourite overheard last week...Estimated ETA.

And Jess, are you gonna hire this guy or what? Think of the money you could save on effects if you had an actual pegasus rider (pilot?)

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Official Comment From Jessica
I left the you're assuming it was intentional. It is spot on to the kind of e-mailer it mocks. wink

From Katie
Oh Curt, I couldn't do that - not even in a joke. The you're/your thing is my biggest pet peeve.
If someone strapped me to a chair and displayed nothing but a stream of glaring grammatical errors (read: MySpace/clicking on Twitter hashtags), I would talk. I would spill every bit of information I had, including the whereabouts of the secret Rebel base.
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