Entry: The Thrill of Hope
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From Curtis Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
As someone who is still playing D&D into his 40s, I've always liked Dork Tower and when I saw the post with this letter I knew I had to forward it to you. I watched that airing the next day (from the DVR) with my 4-year-old daughter ("watched" meaning I was cleaning the kitchen while she had it on) and while I couldn't put my finger on it, I knew something (other than the unsynchronized sound and mouth movement) was wrong. It wasn't until I read the letter that I started saying, "Yes! That was missing!".

This is why broadcast TV is failing and people are buying DVDs or paying for shows on iTunes--you never know how much they are cutting out for the sake of more commercials.

I first experienced this situation years ago in college - I was taping old episodes of Star Trek (The Original Series) on my VCR and one didn't start on time and I missed the last 15 minutes. I went out and rented the episode and as I was fast-forwarding through it I saw several scenes I didn't recognize - scenes that were cut in order to insert more commercials. I was aghast then, and I was even more aghast when ABC did it to a show whose entire point is anti-commercialization of Christmas.

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From Sean Stubblefield
Website: http://seanstubblefield.blogspot.com
i was recently watching an ep from an old favorite series i came across on TV, and as i watched, i sensed something wasn't right. i soon realized: scenes were missing! they had butchered it. i wonder how often this happens.

i rage against anyone who tries to sell me something; whether hard sell, or sneaky.
the sacred power of media/ storytelling matters to the corporate minded only so far as it can sell or be sold. so what if they corrupt/ compromise cultural treasures? media and public are merely tools to them. and that's really sad/ pathetic.
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From Sean Stubblefield
also, i have to say: brilliant letter, brilliant performance reading. love the line & its delivery-- tastes like rainbows!
and i got warm fuzzies when the website addy appears. nice how you tied this into AAE, made it part of the project. gonna go share now.
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