Entry: Office Space
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From The Gunn
Website: http://www.jessicastover.com

"The Gunn, Your ideal job is a Shoplifting. "

What is a Shoplifting? Oh well, my REAL name comes out to be "Circus Freak"

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring, banana-phone.

From Robert
Robert Spuhler's ideal job is Soap Actor.

Robert Martin Spuhler's ideal job is pole dancer (!!!).
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From Kelli
"Kelli Bailey, Your ideal job is a God."

"Kelli Michelle Bailey, Your ideal job is a Soap Actor (ie. River City)."

How do I go from a GOD to a second rate Soap Actor???? Damn middle name...
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From Andre

Carrie Anne Moss signed on to Mission Impossible 3! When that comes out, we're going to see it!
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From Amanda
Website: http://www.vegchica.blogspot.com
My full name gave:
Amanda K****** T*******, Your ideal job is a Traffic Warden.
My first and last gave:
Amanda T*******, Your ideal job is a Ö who are you kidding, you work?.

Wait, there's a MI:3? Ugh I'm so tired of Tom Cruise. I can't wait for Rush Hour 3!!!
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From Kaleb Axon
Website: http://www.axon-family.net/kaleb/
*user error - why can't we edit these?*


Kaleb Axon, Your ideal job is a Professional Shopper. [wtf?]

Kaleb Christopher Axon, Your ideal job is a Clown. [WTF already?!]

Maybe it's confused because I'm using my adopted name. Trying my birth name now....

Kaleb L----, Your ideal job is a As the Speaking Clock. [huh?]

Kaleb, Your ideal job is a Superhero. [much better, thank you!]
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From The Gunn
Website: http://www.jessicastover.com
Hi Kaleb -- as an Internet standard, blog comments are generally un-editable by the end user, since it would require an authentication system for readers, which might discourage participation. Oh and J.Sto would have to double my salary to develop it smile

From Cat
Website: http://www.livejournal.com/~kittycatness
Uck... C******* R******: Big Game Hunter. C******* L** R******: Rabbit Slayer Cat Black: Garden Gnome. Jess, you got the good job. I suppose I would be a garden gnome. I like bunnies! I like animals! I shall forever be a gnome, then! But only if you're gonna be emperor of the world. smile ::goes gnome-ish::
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Official Comment From Jessica
Kelli -- Does your job as "a God" trump mine? And what will we do about the legions of Garden Gnomes and Soap Actors taking over planet Earth?

I won't even ask what "the speaking clock" does. I guess that means that clock from Beauty and the Beast (Clocksworth!) in which case your job would be to freak out about everything and follow around that talking candlestick. (Who, btw, was totally used by Mrs. Peacock in the Library.)

Also, I didn't know "shoplifting" was a job. If you get busted, can you collect unemployment?

From Kelli
Jess- As I see it I am a GOD who rules over everything, and you are an emperor who rules over the world, so we are both super powerful and have the potential to get as wicked as we may want but I have control over the animals, the weather, the people (including you),and everything else, whereas an emperor only has control of the people. So I guess I am the all powerful one that no one can stop, kind of like Jafar in Aladdin once he gets the genies lamp and starts wishing away. But Iím sure we can be partners..
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From Kelli
And about the Garden gnomes we will definitely have to make them disappear, they kind of creep me out, that is unless I make them less creepy and as God I think I can do that...
The soap actors will just have to get a little more talent, thatís where you come in, you control the people so donít let anymore second rate wanna be actors on Soaps anymore.. I mean I like Days of Our Lives and General Hospital but some of those people really suck...
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From Corey aka "C Blok"
Yea...my ideal job is the job I have right now...does the site know I'm unemployed? If so...it IS my true calling.
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From Digibyte kid
Kelly R*** M****, Your ideal job is a President.

With My Power I can become Emporer of the Universe hahahhahahahha. Drifts away again
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From DigiByte kid
My Brother is a Fluffy Bunny Trainer
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Official Comment From Jessica
Um, obviously Emperor of all the world beats President.

And what fool named the Digibyte Kid President? We will all be under the control of his Goo Monster Thugs. Oy! And I donít even want to know what sort of evil fluffy bunnies your brother, Queen Kyle, has created and trained.

Now I know why I have been called to be EmperorÖ It is so I may thwart the D. Kidís attempts at global domination. I am totally a hero. Who wants to be my sidekick? GodóEr, I mean Kelli?

From God
Of course I will be your sidekick....
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From Kyle
Hey foos watch u talkin bout
this is it my ideal job
Kyle M*****, Your ideal job is a Between the hours of 12 and 1pm on days with a W in them.
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