Entry: The WikiLeaks 'Collateral Murder' Video is Not Important to War
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From Barry W.
Impressive that no one else has noticed such a simple and - I agree - important argument. Well done.
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From Sean Stubblefield
the implications you mention seem so obvious to me, that it doesn't/shouldn't need to be said. however, it's easy to neglect the realization that it is not, alas, obvious to the general public... and therefore deserves/needs to be stated & discussed. very astute analysis.

also, it is shocking/disturbing that mainstream-corporate media can get away with not reporting actual/legit NEWS--- even when-- especially when the public not only tells the MEDIA about it, but demands coverage. or maybe, they are not "getting away with it", since the public is becoming aware of the omission.
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From Kiren
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Hey Jessica,

Great post. Have you read Susan Sontag's _Regarding the Pain of Others_? She remarks for much of the book on war photography and its real purpose(s). Very early on she rejects the idea that it can or should protest war in any effective way. I believe that eventually she is arguing that photography of pain and suffering, such as war photography serves a different purpose or should inspire a different movement that movement has something more to do with freedom of expression and making such information available to us common folk. To un-censor pain in some regard.

I think you'll find it interesting if you get a chance to read it.

P.S. I'm writing the intro to your mix-tape post. smile
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Official Comment From Jessica
My, you are thorough! I appreciate that.

Thank you for this recommendation. I'll add it to my academic "books to browse" list.

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