Entry: A Young Person's Guide to Americana The Apocalypse
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From sean stubblefield
Website: http://seanstubblefield.blogspot.com
i tried to find a line for tweeting, but none of it really made sense out of context of the whole. which is a neat/ interesting aspect of the prose. maybe symbolic of media culture?
good comparison to Nazi Germany.
both a condemnation & celebration... call to action.
wonderful literary/poetic flair.
love the metaphor of Famine as our media culture.
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From Quinn
It was all cool 'til you brought in the Miracle Whip. 'cause, for some reason, I go ape for that stuff.

/shame, really
//Still a Wingman
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From Andre
Website: http://www.jessicastover.com/andreisking
What would you propose as an alternative? Not that I'm lovin' it. Just curious.
Oh wait, I think I know the answer. BTW, the sequel to Independence Day will be called Memorial Day, and will be released Memorial Day weekend. The plot is, on the 15 year anniversary of ID4, when most of the earth has been rebuilt, and everyone has gathered to remember the fallen, another spaceship arrives.
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