Entry: Art With a Capital A
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From NT
Website: http://www.somebeaut.com/
I'd been meaning to check out Synetic for some time. Your post put me over the edge: I subscribed to the whole season!
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From Sean Stubblefield
Website: http://seanstubblefield.blogspot.com
this totally sounds like something I wanna see. if I were in DC, I would. I love these kinds of performances, and wish I could attend them more often. there isn't much of quality & affordable in houston. I do enjoy a local community theater company called Mildred's Umbrella, which often does wonderful/interesting work. and Miller Outdoor Theater sometimes has worthy shows, like Trinity Celtic dancing and Golden Dragon acrobats and Shakespeare in tha park. it is unfortunate that our culture doesn't appreciate/ promote theatRE as much as it does theatER. some amazing art happens there.
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From Thera
You hooked me too, I'm going to Arthur now. smile
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Official Comment From Jessica
People have reacted strongly to this entry, which is very cool. You won't be disappointed at the theater. Enjoy! (In the least, I'm planning to go to Arthur whilst I'm here, so perhaps I will see you there!)

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