Entry: New Limited T-Shirts!
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From KV
These came out so awesome! I bought 8!
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From Sean Stubblefield
OUTSTANDING! I diggs and gots me one'o dees tees. this outstanding artistry deserves to be on my blog of exceptional indy art. and so: http://seanstubblefield.blogspot.com/2010/12/artemis-eternal-gives-you-wings-man.html
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From Melissa
Website: http://rocketsciencemom.wordpress.com/
I have ordered two because I couldn't decide between colors. Since it was designed for asphalt, I had to get that to see the logo as it was intended, but I also liked the Black Aqua, so I had to get that as well. Can not wait for some awesome new threads. smile
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Official Comment From Jessica
Thanks for all of your comments! I want four in each color! Hurrah!!

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