Entry: I Also Created the Philosopher's Stone
Official= Official Comment

Official Comment From Jessica
Originally this entry ended in this way (below). I did indeed come back and edit it! See how that works?

Original draft:
C.Sto: Oh. ...Well why didn't you just say that, stupid!
"Jessica: ...Yes and then I used my Alchemy to discover the elixir of life.
C.Sto: What?
Jessica: (walking away) Hey do you want me to use my Alchemy to turn that metal counter to pure gold? Since Alchemy is now real in your mind, it is totally plausible that I could do this.

This is an example of an IRL anecdote that I wrote down, drafted and then didn't post because I couldn't find a strong ending to get out on. The last beat is exactly what was said, but dialogue from real life doesn't translate to writing and screen. When I post non-fiction dialogues here, sometimes I tweak the end line but maintain the intention. I know there's an amusing, more concise closing joke in there somewhere. When it comes to me, I'll come back and edit. Or maybe you should write it. Comments open."

From Andre
Stupid is as stupid does?
IP Logged.

From Matt Jensen
haha thats perfect!
IP Logged.

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