Entry: Ding Dong
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Official Comment From C.Sto
The wedding was awesome! The best part was that Heather and David were really happy. Best wishes you guys!

Anyway, on to more important details... Tiffany was dancing with the crappy DJ and I got a picture.

Also, it was very lovely when Jessica cut in during the dollar dance... to dance with the bride. Unfortunatly I didn't get a pic of that.

From Kelli
Congrats to David and Heather!! Glad the wedding was fun!! And Jess your cursing only increases 25% mine jumps way up to about 85% but then again 50% of my words sober are curse words so that really isnt a big jump.. Anyways glad everything went well..
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From Nick
Nice slip and slide pic. wink
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From angry patron
The first picture in your album is mad ugs of the bride. I can't believe you would post that on your site you punk. But I'm sure the bride if very happy with the other pictures (especially the slip and slide), and is very honored that you were her bridesmaid.
p.s. I bet she would also like to see the rest of your pictures from the wedding!
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From Bobbi
I think that pic is defintely really pretty!! Is angry patron the bride Heather? hahahaha
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