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Official Comment From Jessica
PS: I wonder how the movies are for someone who has not read the books? I know that I relied on my story knowledge to fill in the blanks during the movie.

PPS: One of the best Potter payoffs was definitely Hagrid's hairy suit!

From Jen
HP3...what to say...

1. I definitely think that if you haven't read the book...the movie will make no sense. I re-read the book before I went to the movie, and I had to remember info from the book.

2. I also agree with you Jess...the main problem was STORY. I don't know...I personally don't think the film really did the book justice.

3. Scenes (like when Hermione punches Malfoy) weren't played out as much as in the book and could've been done so much better.

4. I think the movie needed a different writer.

5. Good special effects and better acting though.

6. I don't like the new Dumbledore. Why'd the old one have to die?

That's my view...I liked it better than HP 1 and 2 though. smile
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Official Comment From M.Sto
The Grizz hasn't read any of the books -- you can quiz him after he sees it.

From Amanda
Website: http://www.tomfelton.com
I'll copy Jen and give my 6 opinions too. smile

1. It was way too fast paced.

2. Too many scenes with that freakin' willow. I don't care that the stupid bird keeps flying into it.

3. No Cho, No Oliver, No Cedric. They mentioned that yrs beforehand but I'm still upset.

4. There was like 5 seconds of quidditch.

5. Acting was so much better. Ron was funnier, Hermiones was more bossy and Malfoy stopped accenting the "P" in Potter like he did in the first two that bugged me.

6. Needed more scenes of Trelawney vs. Hermione and then Lavender and Pavrati idolizing Trelawney.

HP 3 rocked. Prof Trelawney, the twins and Hermione were the best.
Oh and check out Tom Felton's site. Is it real? Cause he talks about Emma way too much in the blog.
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From Kaleb
Website: http://www.axon-family.net/kaleb/
Okay, I hate to be the wet blanket here, but I thought that in spite of a number of technical improvements (including much better acting), the movie's failure to communicate the essence of the story was so severe that it ruined it. It was like watching a technical analysis of the events, almost like a documentary on the Discovery Channel. The events were there, but the story was not.

We got some tense moments with the dementors, but aside from that, where were the feelings and impulses, the hopes and dreams of the characters? We _saw_ Harry's anger at his "aunt," but we should have _experienced_ it. The whole emotional interaction between the kids and Wormtail was glossed over, with the Shrieking Shack scene being turned into a complete circus. The only part of the film that came close to drawing a real emotion out of me, only did so because I know how it's going to turn out in Order of the Phoenix.

The biggest mistake in this movie, though, was the failure to adequately convey to us Harry's frustration and disillusionment over the Hogsmead permission form. We hardly got a chance to see it, much less experience it. In the book, that subplot conveyed the essence of the story, set the tone, and drove many of the key events. Downplaying it brought the whole thing down.

Well, there it is. This has got me so mad I've been complaining about it all day. =P
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From Jen
PS-The beginning...SUCKED.
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Official Comment From Jessica
Kaleb -- Glad to see we fully agree and share the same rage. I've been complaining about the movie all week! I keep calling M.Sto to chat and instead I end up ranting about Harry Potter for an hour. I restrained myself from going into great detail in my entry since I have a good deal of other writing on my plate.

Let's hope that CoN doesn't have the same story/script issues.

From Tina B,
Do you recommend I read the books before the movie?

(I haven't seen any of the movies yet. )

I really don't know anything about Harry Potter but I'm curious to see why so many people love it....
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Official Comment From Jessica
Jen: I agree about the beginning. (Among other things.) Give us more about the permission slip/Harry's deal with Uncle Vernon, keep Harry getting pissed about Marge talking smack about his parents, keep the grim sighting, much less on the Knight bus. (Talking head?), ditch Harry doing magic under his covers. (So illegal!)

I won't go on to the Leaky C. Because I have major issues there, too.

Do you think I should start a petition to get the writer replaced?

That could totally work.

TINA B: Definitely read the books. Right now. Go!

From Florence
Jessica,how do you know so much about what everyone is already thinking?? I come to post here but you've already got my mind out straight in your musings. You are my favorite nonfic. writer to date. Thanks for always sharing with me and us. I think you're just amazing and beautiful and I'm so excited about finally seeing you theatrically!! (I've gotten wind of something you are doing in LA soon, if you don't mind me saying soo!!!) Thanks you thanks you. Sweet Flo
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From Kelli
I didnít read any of the Potter books and I have enjoyed all 3 movies. It may be due in part to the fact that I donít pick the film apart and analyze the writing and all that other film shit but to me they are good movies. I think not reading the books made it easier for me to enjoy the movie, because had I read them I would have been watching just to see the similarity to the book and I would have been comparing all night and that for me would have ruined it. So my advice to those who have not read the book go see the movie and then read the book afterwards, it works for me!!!
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Official Comment From Jessica
Dude, I have to go against you, Kelli. My general rule is to ALWAYS read the books first if I know the story is up my alley. With HP I must insist that everyone read the books first. Lord of the Rings I would say is fine to see and then read the books. (Only because Tolkien can be a hard read and the movies are amazing.)

Here is why you should read HP before seeing:

1.) Your imagination is better than anything they've put on screen.

2.) They fall short of capturing the full community and pastiche that makes the books so lovely.

2.) The movies aren't well written. (Like I've said, it's not the comparison that gets me. It's the lack of story. I'd rather they change more things to make the story flow. The minor changes didn't bother me at all. Ex: The Firebolt.)

Official Comment From C.Sto
I haven't seen it yet, I'm stuck at this political summer camp for dorks and don't have enough free time to even attend the oh so important new Harry Potter flick. Apparently political dorks are not like other dorks and are not obsessed with Harry Potter like myself.

Official Comment From Jessica
C.Sto: That's because "dorks" are different from "nerds."

Example: Remember that time we met that guy who claimed to be a "nerd" but then didn't know anything about Star Trek TNG? That guy was a dork.

See the difference?

From Amanda
I'm going to have to partially agree with Kelli. I have read all books but unlike other HP fans, I don't reread the HP book that is being made into a movie right before the movie comes out.

I want to fully enjoy the movie, like Kelli said she did. Yes I do analyze it afterwards with my friends but def. not during the movie. That's why I also hate it when ppl talk to me during my first time watching a movie.

And isn't it sad that every movie made from a book always sucks compared to the book? So Kelli, read the books.
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Official Comment From Jessica
Amanda: I don't think every movie made from a book always sucks in comparison. Again I'll bring up Lord of the Rings. I'm too tired right now to think of others, but I know there are plenty of fine adaptations out there. It can be done. The burden sits with the writer.

From Kaleb
Website: http://www.axon-family.net/kaleb/
Well, I'll admit I did read Azkaban just a few weeks ago. However, when I find a truly good book, I read it so many times that it often wouldn't matter if I'd read it recently. I'm only on my second reading of HP, but for another example, I've read the Chronicles of Narnia and most of C.S. Lewis's other fiction works more times than I can count.

Maybe readers like me simply get too familiar with a book to enjoy any but the most astounding adaptations (like LOTR). =P
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Official Comment From Jessica
Do you think it's bad that I care more about the workings of the Ministry of Magic than those of our own Muggle government? wink

Official Comment From M. Sto
Yes. It's very bad.

From Kelli
Sorry MSto but I must disagree... It is hard to care for the workings of something that does nothing for the people it is supposed to be serving but everything for the advancement of themselves. When the Government that is supposed to be serving me actually does something I agree with or support maybe then I will considering agreeing with you.
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Official Comment From M.Sto
Kelli -- Vote!!!!!! Write letters, make phone calls, make your voice heard. The government is spending your money, and plans to do so for the rest of your life. Yell at them if you don't like the way they are doing things. [Note: Haven't you known me long enough to know that you shouldn't get me started?]

From Kelli
I hear you MSto.... and just so you know I had this same argument with my dad just the other day... So maybe I will let my voice be heard but it wont be in the form of a vote because I dont believe Bush Jr. or Kerry should win...
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Official Comment From Jessica
Personally, I'm planning on writing in Albus Dumbledore when I vote.

From Michelle
You should crop that Hedwig photo and make it more realistic!
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From Cat
Website: http://www.livejournal.com/~kittycatness
I agree with everything.

We need a new screenwriter in there. Steve Kloves is just not cutting it for me. We should not have to see Hermione, Ron, Harry and everyone else be grossly out of character because of the script!
Alfonso did a spectacular job of bringing in the darker theme of the books through the actors and how they acted and making the tones darker. It was much nicer, I thought, than with Chris.
But there was such a gross distortion of canon that I couldn't really handle it. hermione would never have said half the things she said. At least, not if Peter Jackson, Phillipa Boyens and Fran Walsh were writing it, because then it would be better than many other things that you would ever see. I think PJ should direct the HP films from now on. we're getting a jumble of everything and different styles, it's getting frustrating.
And you don't learn half as much as you do when you read the books. You don't notice the things that tip you off to the pairings. The relationship that will (most likely) go on between Ron and Hermione wasn't shown as it was in the book. It's more like a bickering, sort of "bother the heck out of the other" kind of thing until the sexual tension just kind of goes "bwoing!" and comes out in a kiss just to shut the other up.
But anyway, I digress:
the fourth film will get a lot of people. I'm kind of saying "okee, which plotline are we following this time?" will they even have the fight between Ron and Hermione? I'm just scared that canon will be messed up. We have plenty of material. we have somewhere near 2000 pages of story to work with, and we're not getting what we could.
The bright spot that I was quite happy about was Gary Oldman. He was brilliant in his role as Sirius and he made me go: "Oh yes, Sirius, you are exactly as I pictured you." but his lines sucked. He needed new lines! He could have had better.
Okee. sorry for doing such a ranty comment. but I do agree with what you said: we need a new screenwriter. the one who's there already just isn't doing it.
Great post, Jess!
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