Entry: The Pen
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From Brenda
I would definitely sign the Conan petition!
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From Amanda
I tottally signed it.
And would sign the Conan O'Brien one.
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From Lisa
Website: http://lisarossiter.blogspot.com/
I would petition for the introduction of an eighth day to the week. Inserted between Sunday and Monday, it would be known as "Funday" and would be strictly reserved for activities which satisfied the minimum criteria for fun.
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Official Comment From Jessica
I need to start a petition to get my picture put in the dictionary next to the word "awesome."

(Petitions are good for getting what you are entitled to.)

From Kaleb
Website: http://www.axon-family.net/kaleb/
I think we need to start three petitions:

1. For Jessica to write the remaining HP screenplays.

2. For me to write the Narnia screenplays.

3. For Jessica to play the White Witch in The Magician's Nephew, since Tilda Swinton will clearly be too old by then. wink
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Official Comment From Jessica
Kaleb: I don't think I'd ever want to step to adapting a book like Harry Potter. (I might just be too big a fan.) I would, however, dig consulting on a project like that. In fact I'm sure they're calling me right now.

From Lila
How 'bout a petition to limit the amount of reality tv shows? Down with the swan and I want a famous face and all those horrible horrible shows.
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From ???
Digibyte kid sould be ruler of the universe
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Official Comment From Jessica
Digibyte Kid can't spell.

From Cat
Website: http://www.livejournal.com/~kittycatness
If you write the HP screenplays, I will be your best friend forever! I love your petition. I also have a short list of worthwhile things we could do:
Top Priorities: a) teach everyone how to spell. b) (the more important number!) Have Jess rule the world.
1: Clone Dominic Monaghan.
2: Have a picture of Rupert Grint smiling on every wall. smile *
3: Have Jess on Conan whenever she wants.
4: Get a new screenwriter for Harry Potter.
5: put into act a new form of torture: spinning someone around in a swivel chair for an hour.

I think that's all. smile
Lovely post, Jess!

*please pardon, I am high on sugar
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