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From Stef
Hey Jess. I was gonna send you an email but figured why not just write it here. I have commented before on things you have written about, but I don't think I have ever taken the time to tell you just how great of a writer you are. I always think that while reading your entries on this site, but it really hit me reading this one, especially that whole paragraph about being "in the moment."
It made me think of the SJ Earthquakes vs. LA Galaxy match last year to determine who would go on to play for the MLS Cup, which was the best game in MLS history in my and many others opinions. I don't play sports so I never really felt that, but your description full on describes Landon Donovan in that moment he scored that golden goal. That goal of his was so vivid in my mind while reading that.
AWESOME entry! If I wore a hat, I would take the hat off my head to you. Did I state that correctly? Oh well, if not, I'm sure you get the point!
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From Robert

I'm terribly sorry, but the best game in MLS history was my DC United beating Columbus in game three of the Eastern Conference finals, 1999.

That being said, that SJ/LA game last year was really, really good too. smile

J- Glad you were able to finally get some sleep.

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From Andre
I still whupped your bee-hind in floor hockey.

And for the masses, the Advanced Adult PE class was my idea.

Does anyone else besides me remember Python Patrol?
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From Stef
Robert, as much as I love DC United, I stick by my Quakes and believe 100% no game tops the LA/SJ game. I'm very excited and was kind of shocked that someone not only knew the game in which I was talking about, but also brought up another game from a few years back.
I'm a big DC United fan, but Freddy mania sorta got on my nerves so I haven't been following them as much. They're still my favorite team in the Eastern Conference though. I am a Quakes gal though. 100%
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From Robert
Stef -

The Adu hype is a bit much, but I'm biased - I really like the guy. I used to cover him when I wrote for The Gazette in Montgomery County (link below):


I kind of like the Quakes, mainly for Donovan and Jeff Agoos, who was the key to DC's defense during our glory years (saying that makes me sound so old...).
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Official Comment From Jessica
Stef - Thank you. smile Glad you understood the entry. That makes you smart. And pretty.

Stef & Robert - I am both a Quakes and DC United fan, but I don't know enough about MLS to post anything insightful. Therefore, I will have to let you two debate the best and worst of soccer alone.

Andre - I don't recall you beating me at anything ever. Most certainly not floor hockey. And, WTF are you talking about when you say "The PE class was my idea"? How is that even possible?

From Andre

I beat you at everything!
And if I'm correct, our conversation went as follows:
"I wish someone would come up with an adult adventure club. I would look that up online, but I'm sure it would turn up a bunch of porno sites." - Andre

"Yeah, you're right. It would. That's the thing I hate about the net. But, yeah, I'd join one of those." - J.Sto

"It would be cool if there was something set up like Road Rules." - Andre

"Yeah, except without those nasty bug and animal intestine stunts." - J.Sto

Need I type more?
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Official Comment From Jessica
That conversation occured after I had posted this entry, knucklehead.

Stop arguing with me for no reason or I'm going to ban you forever.

And those "quotes" of mine in your post are incorrect, so stop quoting me incorrectly. That's illegal and you could totally go to jail.

From Andre
"You know what?" - Andre

"Don't even say anything about floor hockey! I figured if I post a blog about this weekend, you'd say something about floor hockey." - J.Sto

"Ha, ha ha! Floor hockey!" - Andre

"Yeah, you used to always talk trash to me when I was little!" - J.Sto

"Ha! I haven't thought about that in years!" - Andre

blah, blah, blah,

"If you post anything, I'm not going to mention floor hockey, nor was I about to mention it now. I was gonna say that I'm the king at dodgeball!" - Andre

Please note, this conversation took place before the blog was uploaded onto JSDC.

Let the truth be told.
I cannot tell a lie (though I renegged on my word about not mentioning floor hockey).
You can't handle the truth.
Truth, justice, and the American way.

And if I may quote Eminem from the end of his 1st skit on the Marshall Mather's LP, "Sue me."
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Official Comment From Jessica
Seriously, Andre, most of the time I have no idea what you are talking about and I don't think you do, either.

"I'm an idiot and I try to annoy everyone." -- Andre

From Amanda
You could join an extreme dodgeball team and be on the Game Show Network:
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Official Comment From C.Sto
Andre's weird.

Official Comment From C.Sto
Here's a good political blog for anyone who is interested in some random political talk.


PS - yes this is one of my political summer camp friends.

From Jess 2
Like I said before Jess, I could totally take you on for dodgeball. We could have one of those brawls like in 'Spider Man' when hes in the dinky costume (with the cage fight and all). Bring it!
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From Kelli
CSto, I totally enjoyed your random political blog. I am a big fan of politics, and seeing what other people are thinking, and I am glad to see your friend and I seem to be on the same page, though sorry to say I will still NOT be voting, Bush nor Kerry deserve my vote.
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Official Comment From Jessica
Stef - Was re-reading your post re: Landon and it reminded me of the "moment" when I played a bit of backyard goalie against him. (This was right after the world cup.) The first shot he took on me was a hard one. He didn't realize that I was sporty and thought I'd move out the way, but of course I went for the ball and stopped it. I had a HUGE bruise -- black, blue, purple... the works -- on my right shin. Said gigantic bruise was still there a few weeks later when I went to the all-star game. He said he felt bad but I don't think he did, which is good because I don't need no pity, fool.

That was one awesome bruise.

You'd think I'd be a lot better at soccer after having a lesson with Landon Donovan, but I'm not. Dammit.

PS: I could totally beat Landon Donovan at dodgeball.

From Stef
Jess, if I were you I would have taken many pictures of that bruise! When I first saw the video of you playing soccer with Landon, when I saw you in that goal, all I was thinking was that you are the bravest person in the world because I would be terrified to have Landon kicking soccer balls at me.
What is Landon like in person? He's one of those people on my list of "People I must meet before I die" because he is my favorite soccer player. And also I was thinking if I met him, he could help me check off a few other people on that list since he knows them, like Clint Mathis and Pat Onstad (I've developed an Onstad obsession which was sparked by his diary thing on the Quakes website) and also his girlfriend Bianca Kajlich because she was on Dawsons Creek and that is the show that no matter how much I hated it, I had to watch it every week.
But anyway, if you ever have a dodgeball team and play against Landon, can I join your team because I totally think you would destroy him!
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From The Gunn
Website: http://www.jessicastover.com
Sup Robert -- Thought you might be interested to know that one of my roommates is the executive assistant to the Sr. VP of DCU, so if you are ever in town while a game is on, let me know and I can get you some comp tickets. BTW, did you get my package in the mail?

Official Comment From Jessica
Steph - Landon's a cool guy. He'll probably be cooler when he grows up.

Semi-random Note: I've gotten a few e-mails asking if I liked Shadowmancer. First, I don't think it is comparable to Harry Potter at all. Same genre, but that's it. Shadowmancer is more comparable to The Chronicles of Narnia. The author is a priest and it has religious undertones. It also has the same POV and it's more of an old myth than a new one. I didn't hate it or anything. My main issue was that the ending didn't give me the closure that I needed and that all females in the book are depicted through their relationships with men. Even the sassy little heroine is introduced/shown in this way. I'm going to keep this brief, but if you want to discuss further I'm game. I should note that I think Shadowmancer will be fairly easy to adapt into a kids movie but won't be that interesting.

From Robert
Website: http://www.robertspuhler.com
The Gunn - I did get the package. Thanks! Glad you found it entertaining, though I don't know how you did... wink

That's cool about your roommate - I might take you up on that someday. Does (s)he work for Stephen Zack? He's a pretty good guy, from the couple of times I met him...
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