Entry: Never Too Young, Never Too Old
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From digibyte kid
Website: http://coming soon :-P
I dont care im 11(and evil and smart for my age). What are you running a school on how to be polite!
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From Digibyte kid
dont click da website link it doesnt exist... yet
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Official Comment From Jessica
Digibyte Kid -- Is there a rule against evil Internet villains using correct spelling?

BTW: The whole point is to not tell people how old you are. Foolio. Everyone thought you were thirty. Now, they know you're, like, five. You are going to have serious problems in getting the International Villainy Council to take you seriously from this point on. You'll have to whip up something hella more scary than a Goo Monster to impress and gain the council's respect, which will be difficult since you can't even drive. Or go to rated R movies to get good ideas.

PS: I totally thwarted that Goo Monster, yo.

From Kelli
I agree 110% with you Jess.. I have an associates degree which until recently I felt stupid saying because its not some big 4 year degree from a fancy schmancy school, and I am just as smart as someone with one of those degrees, it doesnít take a piece of paper to say your smart, and as you said half the people with degrees barely pass there classes and yet because they have a diploma from a school there mommies and daddies paid for they are automatically smarter than me? No they arenít. I am up on politics, and know a lot about world issues. I know many different things and have many different skills, and it didnít take a fancy schmancy school to learn it. However I do plan on going back to school, and getting my big 4 year degree but when I want to, Iím in no rush Iím living life right now and I have a good job that pays my bills. Anyways I know that kind of goes against the point of not telling people what they donít need to know, but I just wanted to prove my point. Anyways I am a firm believe in the statement ďIts none of your business if I want you to know something I will tell you, if not to badĒ because I hate people getting in my business.
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From Digibyte KID
see name
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From digibyte kid
I'm on the Kid international Villany Council.
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From Kyle
yeah i totaly agree about that. but boy do you ramble on and on and on and on.
P.s. go here http://www.youthink.com/quiz.asp?action=take&quiz_id=452
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From Amanda
I LOVE it when people ask me how old I am. I LOVE seeing their faces whenever I say, "I'm 17 and I'll be a college freshman this fall". It's like I've slapped them on the face and they feel so STUPID because they expect me to say "I'm 14 and I'll be a freshman in high school this fall".
But it hurts me when they won't shut up about how little I look for my age. Then I REALLY want to slap them. Especially when kids tell me that.
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From Liz
The whole age money education thing is crap used my snobs and unaware idiots.
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