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From Kyle
Woah your getting all Philosophical on us here.
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From Andre
Quotes 2 and 15 sounds like something the Oracle would have said.
Quote 5 sounds like something Morpheus would have said.
I agree with #1.
#6 got me in trouble with God.
#13...I agree with it, but I don't agree with the tone of the first sentence. That makes is sound as if adventures aren't worth anything.
#14 sounds like lyrics from a Pearl Jam song.
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From Cat
Website: http://www.livejournal.com/~kittycatness
I think that "Imagination is more important than knowledge" was said by Albert Einstien(sp?).
But very good Philosophical-like quotes. Whoah... You're going all... "Confucius say...". COOL!
But remember what Voltaire said: "A witty saying proves nothing".
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From C.Sto
Did Andre really say that the U2 lyrics you put in there (3rd from the bottom) sound like Pearl Jam lyrics? Whoa. Sunday Bloody Sunday dude.
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Official Comment From Jessica
I didn't attribute the quotes because I am interested in the ideas; Not who conceived of them. wink

From kelli
I like all of the quotes.. I am a big fan of quotes in general though.. and like you I could care less who wrote or said them, I just like them for what they mean..
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From Kaleb
Website: http://www.axon-family.net/kaleb/
#15 is totally a big deal for Christians. It's the idea that some of the supernatural tools that people chase after are not profitable at all times. God gives people some unique tools for particular situations, but love is not like that--it is forever and unchanging.

I don't agree with #2 when it's posted on its own and out of context like that. It comes from a book written by King Solomon late in his life, as a cynical expression of the bitterness that built up inside him through a lifetime of hedonism and excess.
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From A.Col

My bad. My house in Sterling only had Pine and Maple trees. We didn't have Joshuas.
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From Amanda
Imagination is more important than knowledge

I LIVE by that. Who said that?
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From Kyle
accept when your that guy on Jeopardy
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From Robert
Website: http://www.robertspuhler.com
The problem with nearly all of these phrases is that they have all the complexity of a Hallmark card. Sure, they’re nice enough, but none of them are workable life philosophies, because life is made of much more complex stuff. There is no mantra, no one statement, no one idea that can truly sum up existence.

Take, for example, “Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.” Okay, neat. But what does that mean? Anyone can make a rule. Well, of course. It takes little mind power to follow rules. Okay. So? Is this supposed to be revelatory? Anyone who is paying attention in life knows this already.

Now, that’s not to say that some of these sayings, when applied to specific circumstances, aren’t interesting and worth thinking about. For instance (and I use this as an example only because I recognize it), “Invent nothing. Deny nothing,” is a fantastic summation of an acting method. But when you try to apply it generally, it loses all usefulness and power.
The song lyric is cool, though. I find myself much more inspired by song lyrics than trite sayings. Some of my current favorites:

“And on the street at night, an old man plays/with newspaper cuttings of his glory days.” – Manic Street Preachers, “If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next”

“My bed is made for two/and there’s nothing I can do/so tell me something I don’t know./If my head is full of you/is there nothing I can do?/Must we all march in two by two by two?” – Catatonia, “Mulder and Scully”

“When useless dreaming comes to an end/who will carry all your fears?/When all the tears from fury have passed/maybe love has just begun.” – Dot Allison, “In Winter Chill”

…or, lines from plays…

Geoffrey - “As if it matters how a man falls down."
Richard - "When the fall is all that's left, it matters a great deal."
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From Robert
Website: http://www.robertspuhler.com
Oh, one more song lyric that struck me today, from Jessica Stover's favorite singer:

"But who grants absolution/for sins which never were committed./Tension makes a tangle of/each thought, becomes inconvenience./Sound never penetrates./The servile edges break and faint./ A thought
mistaken for a memory."

-10,000 Maniacs, "Tension Makes a Tangle"
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