Entry: Standard Snob
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From trish
We were actually discussing the importance of being a "positive person" and that negative people are yucky...go figure.
sad part is, I sunk to her level.
ps She had really bad 80's hair.
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From kelli
Next time just quickly say "excuse me bitch mind your own" and then continue on... That works well on the snob circuit.. and then say by the way nice hair i think i saw that in a retro version of teen beat dated 1981
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From kelli
Trish- stooping to another persons level is at times ok, this being one of them.. no fat Rosi Perez look a like needs to A) get in your conversation in the first place and then B) make rude comments.. that said your stooping was acceptable and definitely necessary
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From Amanda
Website: http://vegchica.blogspot.com
That's why I never like having conversations in the bathroom. You never know WHO will but in.
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Official Comment From C.Sto
I would like to agree with Kelli. Standard Fresh Prince rules: the only time you shouldn't respond to an insult is when you don't have a good comeback. So Trish, you did the right thing.

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