Entry: That Sinking Feeling
Official= Official Comment

Official Comment From Jessica
Jessica: Deserted beaches are awesome! I mean, where else can you sing that loudly out in the open, yet no one can hear you?
C.Sto: Uh, a train station. When a train passes by.
Jessica: Well, yeah. (beat) Damn you.

From Kyle
hmm and at a concert and a motorcycle race and a underwater and in a Crazy person Hospital.
IP Logged.

From Amanda
That sounds so beautiful! I tottally want to go to a Cali beach at nite now with a Harry Potter towel. wink
IP Logged.

From Michelle
I'm going to find you on the beach one day and we will have a sing-off for who gets the terroritory.
IP Logged.

From Andre
I have to say, in the summer I have the best sunrises and sunsets from my apt.
Due to the geographical position of where I live, and the fact that my window faces north, I can only see the sun rise and set in the summer. But when it's rising or setting, I have to say I have the best view in the world.
IP Logged.

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