Entry: Code Orange
Official= Official Comment

From Brent
First comment! Have to be quick no time to think what I might want to say.....
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From Amanda
Website: http://vegchica.blogspot.com
I refuse to believe that Elijah Wood is a terrorist. I don't care what you say!!
Oh, and you should have tottally warned him. wink
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From C.Sto
Instead of monitoring his warning level why don't you IM him and talk to him?
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From Steve
Glad to see you were able to stay off AIM for more then a day.

Talk about having no willpower!
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From Dana
lol, that is hilarious. Elijah Wood bugs me sometimes but I think he's great as Frodo and he seems like he'd be super nice in person?
Anyway maybe Sam warned him b/c he was hanging out with gollum too much.
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Official Comment From Jessica
C.Sto, if I don't monitor celeb terrorists, who will? Huh? Answer me that!

Monitoring celeb terrorism: My Anti-drug.

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