Entry: Rose Colored
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Official Comment From Jessica
*This thought comes to you after seeing Back to the Future for the first time. Last weekend. YesIknowthatissad.

From Newbie
Do they still come in cereal boxes?
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From Kaleb
Website: http://www.axon-family.net/kaleb/
lol, We got four pairs with Spy Kids 3D.
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From dorkiepervason
number one was the best. don't bother with the sequel and number 3.
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Official Comment From Jessica
I watched the trilogy in one sitting. One is definitely the best. Two is fun in a cool-it-comes-together sort of way. Three is eh. Not the best Western Ive seen.

BTW: The best Best Western Ive ever seen is the one on Sunset Blvd. It's fancy. (For a Best Western.)

And -- if you are keeping score, which I am I still do not have 3D shades. If I do get my hands on a pair, I am totally going to wear them around Hollywood. (Which will definitely be considered normal.)

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