Entry: Iím at a Place Called Vertigo
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Official Comment From Jessica
Does anyone know what it means to be "partial vampire"?

I have no idea why I wrote that. Perhaps I am partial to vampires. Or half vampire. Or the half blood Prince. (Such as in the case of 'Harry Potter and')...

From Jerseylawyer
I just wanted to ask if you and this **Katt might have a little drinking problem? People who like to stay up all night and always think it's ' Showtime ' are usually trying to run away from something and I could help you get over it. I could counsel you as I have lived longer and know more than the both of you. 'Jessica, you know I'm smarter than you.' So, I only want to talk to you if you two admit that you need help and sleep. Always here for you.
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From Kaleb
Website: http://www.axon-family.net/kaleb/
On your chess game, I can vouch for The Grizz. Castling is where you move the king two squares toward a rook, and move that rook to the square the king crossed over. You can do it as long as (1) there are no other pieces inbetween, (2) neither the king nor the rook have moved yet, and (3) the king is not in check at the time.

Sad to say that in spite of being able to offer this little bit of useful info, I am actually completely inept at chess. =p
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From Sara
There's so much there that I don't know where to start my comments so I'll just say that your usage of U2 is most appreciated on my end and that "Prof. Clinto Bean" should be tied down to a chair and forced to listen to U2 Joshua Tree until he loves it.
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From C.Sto
In my defense, Jessica has dirty feet.
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Official Comment From Jessica
Sand is NOT dirt.

And for the record I am only sandy when in CA. (As stated NOVA still does not have an ocean. Or a sandbox.)

From Amanda
LOVE the song "Vertigo". Just I hope U2 knew how to count in spanish.

Sounds like you had an awesome time before the airport! Good to be back home isnt it? I'm home too!
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From Kyle
HAHAHAHA! I could toataly beat J. Sto at chess. And Castleing is a real move.
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From Jessica Minan
Hi Jessica, you can get 3-D glasses at the IMAX Theater-National Museum of Natural History in DC...they have them for the 3D movie Santa vs. the Snowmane. Here is a link http://www.imax.com/santavsthesnowman/flash.html
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Official Comment From Jessica
Yesssss... But are they the old skool '80s glasses with one blue eye and one red eye? Must investigate...

Why can't I just find a damn pair of old skool '80s 3D shades on the sidewalk? That would be sweet. And totally easier.

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