Entry: Wildly Unconquerable
Official= Official Comment

From Holly
Thanks for advertising my dumb blonde quote Jess!!
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From Amanda
OMG that link of the week thing is SO freaky!!! How the hell did they do that?
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Official Comment From Jessica
Literally, for the record, (ie: after the news at the top changes,) the link/quote are as follows:

"I hate Lindsay Lohan. She’s so mean to Hilary Duff!" -- My Friend Holly

Warning: Not suitable for anyone who is already confused.

From kelli
Hey just an FYI... you can get your oh so cool 80's style 3D glasses if you go to Best Buy and buy the Shrek DVD with the bonus Shrek 3D dvd.. I know its a bit costly but hey give the dvd to someone for Christmas and keep the glasses...
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From C.Sto
I think Kelli's Shrek idea is great, in fact, I think that you should definitely do it... and give the DVD to me smile
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