Entry: In Pursuit of Death
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From Jessica...Part Deux! (Awesomer)
I usually don't comment, but I had to after you wrote about calling Seacrest and hanging up. I have SO done that before. For me, it's something about the pressure, but it's not like the world is going to come to an end if I actually get on the air and have to form words. Call it stage fright, even though there is no stage and the only thing that is going to see me is my rear-view mirror. This fright does not come in handy when wanting to win tickets over the radio for something.

Keep writing, it's entertaining.

PS. The Mop Boy probably thought you were doing drug deals in the bathroom. After all... you did have your wallet in the bathroom, but didn't buy anything in the resturaunt. You Sneaky Stover, you. (Oh, me and my overactive imagination)
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From Brent
3 Things---I would have slept in and skipped out on the trip.... unless it was to Vegas. Ryan Secreast is on the radio? and really really cool about the book you are in. I'm ordering a copy.

ok, FOUR things---that link of the week oh or I guess it's "rad link" now is hilarious---


I am lmao.

5th thing---(they keep coming)I concur with Jessica Part Duex....Keep on writing. Too many blogs have posters who only write "I love your writing, you're the best, I love you so much and all that crap" (like Zach Braff's blog) so I like that people here refrain from being all gushy but then I just thought that maybe we never tell you how much we like to read (and lurk) your site. (Don't want you to feel underapreciated.) I think I'm finally done for now. Don't go expecting long ass posts like this everytime. smile

6th thing---(shit I lied) what does the "well said" say? (""Tenet insanabile multos / Scribendi cacoethes et aegro in corde senescit")? You don't actually expect me to look it up do you?!
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From Stef
Ok, I googled the quote and this is what it said. "Many suffer from the incurable disease of writing, and it becomes chronic in their sick minds."
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From Brent
Stef delivers when I'm too lazy to cut, paste and search. You're my hero. (After Jessica that is.)..... smile
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