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From Andre
1. Independence

2. Like. As in, "He was like, 'My dad said yes,' and I was like, 'No way!'" Come on people, don't be so lazy in your speech!

3. Creatively - a challenge. Spiritually - worship and praise. Emotionally - humor.

4. Negatively-minded people.

5. Bullshit!

6. Strings accentuated with woodwinds.

7. Whiny people who are constantly negative.

8. Astronaut. Not too many people can say they're the best of the best.

9. Managing non-professionals...wait, that's what I do now.

10. Well done my good and faithful servant.
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From Stef
I was so right. Totally makes an awesome entry! I have thought out my answers to these questions every time I see the show.

1. My current favorite word is Conundrum.

2. My least favorite word is definately regret. I hate when people say that they regret something. No matter how bad something is and how badly you wish you could take something you did or said back or just change the past, if you continue to look at it through that perspective, you're not learning anything from it.

3. Music.

4. George Bush. The Bush adminstration in general actually. Oh God Condoleeza Rice. Amazing how a head that large can fit so far up Dubya's ass.

But yeah, so many other things. Racism, that is a big one. I don't see why people have to be referred to according to their race, because at the end of the day, we're all just people living in this world breathing the same air.

5. Bollocks. I think that's how it's spelled. Not even a curse word here though, so I should totally move to England.

6. I've always loved the sound of rain, soft rain, not pouring rain, on my windows when I'm going to sleep.

7. I hate awkward silence. That is possibly the loudest noise in the world.

8. Well, I'm not a professional cashier at a department store and I can't wait to quit, so I guess the question should be, "What profession would you like to attempt?"I would love being in theater. I would love to be on Broadway, but when it comes to theater, I would love love love to be in a show in London. America has great actors, but there's just something about British actors that I just love.

9. I can't name just one. I would have to say anything that wouldn't make me happy. If I can go to work and come home and not be depressed at the end of the day, that's all that matters.

10. I don't think I need to hear God say anything. I think I would just look at Him and it would say everything that needs to be said.
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From Melissa
1. favorite word-
2. least favorite word- Its actually two but they go together "crochless panties"...I can't stand the way it sounds! It makes me cringe...people say it to me on purpose.
3. Turn ons
Creatively- lots of arts and craft supplies...I could be busy for weeks creating STUFF! Spiritually- Nature and our beautiful earth...because God created it all! Emotionally- Good healthy relationships with friends and family.
4. What turns me off- People who are shallow and judgmental.
5. Favorite curse word- Flip and Gosh!
6.Sound or noise I love- laughter!
7. Sound or noise I hate-
fingernail on chalkboard!
8. What profession would I like to try- Tour guide in DC.
9. What profession not to try- telemarketer.
10. I would love to hear God say ...Welcome back, you did well!
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From Melissa
Favorite word- Grace, its just beautiful and has a lot of meaning.
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From Jessica Numero Dos
1. Incognito.
2. Can't
3. The feeling of being free- able to do anything you want
4. Closed minds
5. Shit. Well, it's not exactly my favorite, but it's most-used.
6. Rain
7. The sound people make when they chew with their mouth open. You know, that squish noise. (ew)
8. Columnist
9. Accountant
10. Well, it's about time! (ha, I didn't know what else to put)
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From Amanda
Website: http://vegchica.blogspot.com
1. WhAt?! <--I use it alot too.
2. Like...its like so like overused.
3. Being alone outside surrounded by candles
4. People who try to impress others to fit in
5. Dammit! (Not to be confused with its related two-worded cousin: Damn.It.)
6. Enya
7. Professors lecturing in class
8. Well right now I guess I'm striving to be a vet. But I'd love to be a photographer for National Geographic so I get a paid excuse to travel the world.
9. Janitor...eww
10. Welcome my child
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