Entry: What is Black, White and Sucks All Over?
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From C.Sto
Whoa. I was going to see Sin City until I read this. I hate really violent movies. And they did trick me with the marketing, I thought it was something completely different then what you've described.
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From Andre
Yeah...I was fortunate enough to hear this rant and rave before it was written.
BTW, Jessica likes to swim with sharks.
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From Ron
Man, Jess, are you way off track. This movie is great! One of the best I've seen in a long time! Of course it's violent, it's called freakin' SIN CITY. It's rated R. If the marketing led you to believe that it was going to be less violent, and you went in there with pre-conceived ideas about the flick,that's not the fault of the filmakers, it's yours. And as for the hookers? I guess you're pissed because you think this film paints an unflattering picture of women. Well, the men in this movie weren't that great, either. You don't see me bitching about Elijah Wood eating people (btw, Carla Gugino was not a hooker). All three stories involve men saving the women they love. That's your character motivation. I thought Marv was a great character. Mickey Rourke's gravelly voice-over was great, too.
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From C
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Long time rea- who am I kidding? I never heard of you before today. But the awesome Wil Wheaton linked to you and your snark kicked my ass. Anyway, your response to 'Sin City' really resonated- I could not tear my eyes from the screen while it was on, but afterwards I wasn't entirely sure what I had just sat through. And if you ask me what I liked about it, I will say unequivically the visuals, and the tone. But not because the tone was good, exactly... just that it was created so painstakingly. And I can appreciate that. But the story to which the visuals and tone are ostensibly in service? Kind of sick-making. Cheers!
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From The Duke of Hurl
The only problem with this movie was the obscuring of Jessica Alba's breasts - from both a loyalist and logical standpoint.

As for "positive empowerment or release for the viewer" - who needs that crap? I had a good time, and that's what I wanted. But wait... I'm a guy. Ass-kicking and scantily-clad babes present me with the epitome of positive empowerment, in my humble opinion. We can live vicariously through these machismo characters because they represent something true about the human condition. That something is ugly. But it's fun as hell.

I mean, don't get me wrong - this was no LEGALLY BLONDE.

But the bottom line is that, convention-shattering effects or no, SIN CITY delivers the goods. Modern storytelling and genre pictures in general owe more to Frank Miller than anti-anti-pop culture will ever let on. And this adaptation lives up to my expectations, which is all any fan can ask for.
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