Entry: The Quibbler
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From Rick
TOTAL JIHAD on Rita. Or just cover her in honey and tell the Grizz that shes a giant woman shaped honeycomb.
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From Rita
Dear Ms. Stover

I see that you completely underestimate the power of "my" side.
You will soon find out about my extreme revenge skills.
I have reliable information from reputable sources that you are involved with a certain JM. E. We have a picture. You were wearing his clothes and fondling his "equipment".

Thank you very much for the nice talk we had today.
Your "s" forever, Rita
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From matt
Website: http://scudly.com/
Ok wow, either someone has too much free-time on their hands and wants to 'imitate' Rita, or Rita has even more time on her hands.

Meh, that's kinda shittastic all around if you think about it.
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From Kate
Website: http://www.livejournal.com/users/katedanley
A) Brilliant
B) Brilliant
C) Brilliant

There is a level of evil here... But dude, you totally battled the Dark Side and didn't even lose a hand or find out she was your mom.

Rock on.

Look at you and your "force" using self. First the nerds, now the Skeeters of the world...

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From Wil
Website: http://www.wilwheaton.net

A) You rule.
B) You laid a sweet smackdown on a parasite.
C) You are my favorite most awesome ninja.
D) All of the above.

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From Nick
I don't normally comment on here. I don't usally see the need.
But "Rita Skeeter" is an assumed name, I'm not sure of the real name. And to be honest even if I did know I wouldn't make it public. She knows she's scum thats why they use fake names.
Anyway I read it in some mag a few years ago that covered tabliod reporters after one of 'em got antrax'ed. I think it was Weekly World News. I just rememeber her name because it was so horrible.
Even if you didn't like someone why on Earth would you even consider helping out a publication that would sell you out in a new york minute just to get some quick fleating revenge, for some perceved wrong. That whole thing sounds awfully shalow and callious.
ps. if she hates to break up a family why would she even consider it in the first place? Most major publication knew about Pete Rose (giving a speech at a high school he came clean about gambling on baseball, about 6 months (not sure) before he annouced it himself) so why wouldn't she just let the person know, so they can break the news themselfs? How hard is it to be civil to someone?
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From Toots
I can't believe Arthur Weasley is cheating Molly with an "A-List star". Please tell me it is not that know it all strumpet HG.
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From Nick
I couldn't find the article on which I made my previous statement about Rina's name being false. So I'm gonna assume it isn't true until I can find it. Sorry about the mix-up
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From WTL
Website: http://www.wtl.technomages.net
I find it amusing that those who report (and violate their privacy) hide behind a veil so that *their* privacy isn't violated.

Bloody cowards.
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From C.Sto
What's all this "money is evil" stuff? Have you been talking to that communist?


You will:
a) Send me a free shirt.
b) Admit that I am your biggest fan.
c) Send me another free shirt.
d) All of the above.
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From Nick
I thought it would be tounge in cheek to mix actual concerns and thoughts with subtle humor.
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From kristina
HAHA! Evil money!
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From kristina
I woulduse that 'evil money' to play poker.
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From vicki
you go girl!!
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From Dusty
Wow, you rock. I would have gotten so tongue-tied I would have hung up. Or maybe not, sometimes I surprise myself. Anyway - good one! This whole story is just so ludicrous I can't even begin to comment...
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From Mykel
Website: http://localshape.com
See, the funny thing is... I'm from Reston (Jessica should know where that is), and this kind of crap happened every day when I was in high school. Maybe not having tabloids cover it, but... the rumors would fly like crazy. Seems like you can't get away from it - even by moving across the country!
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From Dariush
Website: http://www.dariushshafa.blogspot.com
I'm a reporter (an actual journalist) in the lovely state of KY and I stumbled on this from Nickerson's blog via the website www.fark.com. Anyway...

A) You refused to comment to a "reporter".
B) That drives reporters insane.
C) You did it to a tabloid journalist, AKA a useless, money-grubbing, life-sucking, credibility-lacking hack.
D) You are my newest hero... erm, shero.
E)All of the above.

Every time you talk to a tabloid journalist, Baby Jesus cries.


p.s.- you rock.
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From Buck Fudd
Website: http://buckfuddsblues.blogspot.com
I came here via Shane Nickerson's account on his blog.

Thanks to both of you for this insight into tabloid "news" workings. Not that any of it was too surprising.
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From Kat
I had never heard of you before, but you rock. I just thought I would just let you know that.

Too funny big smile
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