Entry: Musical Triforce
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Here's a QT link:


From WTL
Website: http://www.wtl.technomages.net
Thanks for the QT link, because that was really funny - I near spit water all over my keyboard.

Of course, this made me head over to Ebay to see what old consoles are running these days.
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From matt
Website: http://scudly.com
If you like hearing old-school nintendo-era songs in a different way go be on the lookout for The Advantage and their awesome music.

Man I hope that link worked. Otherwise check them out at theadvantageband.com
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From Joel
You've also got other awsome groups a bit more local. Check out this group from USC:

(Specifically, click on the Music link at the top and look at track 6 on their second album)
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From Kary
Right. That was the coolest thing I've seen and heard in the last ten minutes.

"Thank you, but your princess is in another castle. "

Man, I'll never forget at the end of Mario 3, after playing for hours after Saturday morning cartoons, I beat Bowser on what I thought was the final level. My little hands were shaking and sweaty but I was aglow with sweet triumph...until the end sequence when the Princess says the above line. I was /furious/. I threw the controller to the floor and screamed, my whole body shaking in disbelief and anger. After all that I'd been through! How could they do this to me? Then the Princess says, "Just kidding." That was sooo not funnay.

BTW, what ever happened to Saturday morning cartoons? When I was growing up they came on for like 6 hours on multiple channels. I haven't really checked in a long time, but Saturday mornings suck for cartoons now, huh?
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From Jeff Brown
Website: http://www.dragonkeep.org
Wow. Stunning.
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From Brian
Website: http://ripleybsx.blogspot.com
This is hilarious! I love that this cheesy music is being kept alive by our generation. I would also add a local group here in AZ, the Minibosses, to the list of bands who perform this work.

My brother also has a video he showed me of a student playing the themes on piano at full tempo.

Makes me long for the simpler days of 8-bit gaming...

And keep up the good work, J.Sto. Your site is an inspiration... although for what, exactly, I haven't figured out yet.
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From Andre
Ha! I had to watch this a second time to figure out the "Tetris" part.
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From Andre
I've got to stop watching this. That music makes me sad. It brings back so many memories of all of the fun childhood memories of my adventures in Nintendoland. You never can return, can you?
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From Stef
Ocarina of Time is my favorite Zelda game! I think I may go play it tonight.
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From krisitna
AWESOME! My little brothers like the choir!
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