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From Sponky
Website: http://toomanylosers.blogspot.com
I cant really say I'm surprised. From everything I've read about Ep 3, I agree with all your comments.

"Anakinís character change is abrupt and his motivation isnít completely believable."

This was my biggest fear with this one, and sadly I was right.

Ep 1 and 2 should have been combined, Ep 3 should have been Ep 2 and Ep 3 should've kicked ass. Sigh.

Oh well, as you say, we can always watch 4, 5 and 6 again.
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From Courtney
Well said. I liked it better than I thought it would, but not as much as I wanted to. Most of the dialogue between Anakin and Padme had me actually laughing out loud. And the Frankenstein moment... what the shit.

I really don't know what to think right now. I gotta see it again.
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From Theo
Return of the Jedi was a disappointment in hindsight, but at the time it was in the theaters I was still young enough to love it as much as the first two films. Phantom Menace wasn't just bad, it actually shattered the magic that Lucas' galaxy once held for me. Still, it wasn't without it's good points. I saw Attack of the Clones once in the theaters, and haven't seen it again since. Never even picked up the DVD. I was hard pressed to find something in there that I'd like to see again.

The only advantage Sith has is that it's now impossible for me to be disappointed by a Star Wars film. It HAS to exceed my expectations, simply because they're so abysmally low.
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From C.Sto
I was glad that Anakin wasn't as much of a whinny bitch in this one but overall I was so disappointed with this film. It could've been so awesome but instead it was retarded. Episodes 1, 2, & 3 suck.
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From krisitna
I like the name 'return of the SITH'. Im becomging obssesed
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From Theo
And is it just me or are the digital FX somehow less impressive than the physical models used in the original trilogy?

Don't get me wrong, digital FX have opened the door to worlds that never would have been possible without them, and I love seeing a well done visual scene. I just think of the scene in AotC when the fleet of new Star Destroyers is launching, and it just doesn't inspire anything close to the same awe as seeing that first one ominously crawling across the screen in pursuit of Leia's ship in ANH.
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From WTL
Website: http://www.wtl.technomages.net
I went in expecting little and came out of the movie pleased.

If you have no expectations, it is easy to be happy.

I liked the movie overall, but I agree, the frankenstein moment was a bit strange. Okay, a lot strange.

But still, I liked it.
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From Stef
I wasn't disappointed in this movie at all. I can deal with the problems that it has. I think his vision is enough motivation for him to turn to the dark side and make it believable. Just think back to annoying, whiney Anakin when his mom died and he threw that huge over dramatic temper tantrum. I could understand that he would do anything not to lose Padme.
The best review I have read so far is from Harry from Ain't it Cool News. He captured everything that I feel towards this film. http://www.aint-it-cool.com/display.cgi?id=20157
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From Kate
Website: http://www.livejournal.com/users/katedanley


Why couldn't he make the third one rock? Why?

Off to watch the REAL Star Wars movies on VHS...
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From Sarah
Still have to see it this weekend but it looks like everyone agrees with you.

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From Brian
Website: http://ripleybsx.blogspot.com
I have to agree with your assessment. I feel bad for Lucas, who still -- even after 30 flippin' years!! -- cannot master good dialogue.

Personally, I've always thought that was the weak point in all the Star Wars films.
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From Andrew Harris
Hi Jessica,

You're right on many of these points. However, in terms of fighting next to lava, I'm not sure there are big problems with that. Don't forget that air is an excellent insulator. Have you ever cooked a game hen with lava?

take care,

p.s. I liked your blog entry about the star wars line.
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From Stef
I clicked on your current rad link. I quit doing Zest not long after I sent that to you cause it got too hard and I love far too many hours of my life. I was on 27 and was so close to finishing it, and then it went to over 50 riddles, and now 72! Good luck with that!
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From t.
i think you should stage a pictorial battle between darth tater and the pirates of the caribbean mr potato head. cause it would be cool.
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From Paul
I totally agreed with this. These actors weren't given any motivation for anything. And neither was the audience.

Why should I care that the Jedi were dying? They were bureaucrats...not at all inspiring, like the Jedi in 4-6.

Why does Anakin change to the dark side? I read this on another review:

"The "seduction" of Vader was the moral equivalent of the seduction of Jenna Jameson in BackDoor Honeys 3. It wasn't heart wrenching or full of guile. It essentially consisted of the emperor going "C'mon, be evil. Look at all the cool things." Anakin: "No, never."
Emperor: "C'mon"
Anakin: "OK" Play imperial march.
This is at the same level as the "delivery boy/I-don't-have-enough-money-can-I-pay-for-it-another-way" plot in porn. It really wasn't good."
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From tapeworm
Website: http://icodeviruses.com/
i really enjoyed this movie. but, since we're all complaining, one thing did bother me..

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From Stef
Hey, just be glad that they didn't give Jar Jar any lines!
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From Joel
Tapeworm: You didn't think the movie had enough gratuitous there's-no-reason-for-this-but-to-please-the-audience moments? There was no situation within the story for JarJar to die. The audience got their pointless cheering moments when Yoda called Chewbacca by name and (then) Commander Tarkin was on screen for a full second and a half. Let it be.
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From Theo
I kinda wish they WOULD have killed Jar Jar. Not so much because of how badly he annoys me, but because it seems odd that a character that was so prominent in the first film simply dwindles away without any significant reason. To me, killing him off wouldn't be catering to the fans nearly as much as the way Lucas has quietly swept him under the rug.

Jar Jar could have easily been at the Jedi temple for any number of reasons when Anakin swept through. JJ presses his friendship, urging Anakin to reconsider, which only increases the emotional turmoil in him...and BAM! No more Jar Jar.

Hey, it works for me.
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From AgentLars
Jar Jar couldn't die because that would mean Lucas conceeded that it was a bad idea. Only HE can decide if it needs changing to match his "vision." Like his constant "tweeking" of Ep IV-VI, where he adds this CGI creature or puts in Hayden as Anakin. However, your idea of a way to kill Jar Jar and still allow Lucas to save face is genius! Maybe when "Revenge of the Edit " comes out...
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From Garrett
I think that Episode 3 was better than the original star wars. Episode 1 is still the all time best movie ever made though.
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From Kyle
I think that it was the best of all the new star wars movies. It ties every thign together and such.
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From James
JSto - I didn't read this post until I saw the movie, and just saw it. You are so right on everything.
Your blog entry on the movie far surpassed the movie itself!
Hell, for that matter - you rule better than the franchise.
I knew there was something specific I was going to talk about, but can't for the life of me remember --- your righteousness blinds my thoughts.
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