Entry: The World Fairs the Better
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From C.Sto
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From shane
Website: http://www.nickerblog.com

How much do you rule?
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From shane
Website: http://www.nickerblog.com

Stupid typo. By the way, shouldn't there be a rule that you can't be allowed to waste a comment simply to acknowledge a typo that you made in a previous comment? I think Emily Post needs to write the blogger etiquette book.
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From Throreau
Dear Shane -

And you made the B List? You're fired. Jessica, you are now on the B List.
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From Trump
I agree with Throreau. I also want to say that I think Jessica's sister C.Sto is freaking awesome. Way more awesome than myself. Kbye.
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From Sponky
Website: http://toomanylosers.blogspot.com
I would say that I think the ENTIRE Sto clan are rife with the Awesome.
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From Glenn
Website: http://thisisglenn.typepad.com

My site would make the q list or possibly even the p list.
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From DR.C
Website: http://www.daveryder.com
"rife with the awesome"... what a great phrase, i love it. so if i were to adapt it for myself, it would be perhaps "rife with the geekness"...hmmm, that's pretty cool, too. i guess the word i like most about it is "rife". you just don't hear that word enough anymore.
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From Dariush
Website: http://www.dariushshafa.blogspot.com
I love Thoreau's piece on walking. Very nice.

And ever since the whole "Ninjas love Lite-Brite" movie, my former love for the ways of the ninja has been rekindled.

But I think a little attention should be given to types of ninjas as well...

Such as the mighty and invisible photographer ninja (photo ninja for short). Or the terrible and fearsome Stover-ninja...

Just a thought. Maybe sleep deprivation and ninja movies aren't such a good idea after all.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Photo Ninjas are dangerous: They'll steal your soul.

And you won't notice until five days later.

When you suddenly feel very sad.

From kristina
I like ninja movies.
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