Entry: Gnastics
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From Edwood
"May 6, 2020"

Ok... what did I miss, besides 15 SuperBowls?

Damn, I only laid down for a 20 minute nap. [Rumplestilskin, apparently, is an ancestor.]
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae Stover
Yeah. The date was doing something strange on its own but it seems to be fixed now.

That was weird. I think JSDC is becoming self-aware.

This could be awesome and result in my taking over the world, or it could be lame and result in my death.

Perhaps a cyborg from the future will stop by to guide me.

From Miko
Dude. Everyone knows that you start a combination with a cartwheel to pick up speed for the cool moves. It will make your handsprings extra badass.

To give some unsolicited advice, try to think of pulling yourself through a cartwheel instead of pushing your body over. And acceleration is your friend.

Shade out.
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From Literature Lover
Edwood I think you mean that you are an ancetsor of Rip Van Winkle! I don't remember Rumplestilskin taking a nap?
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From Edwood
Thanks for the correction, LMAO. It's been decades since I've gone anywhere near those classic tales.

In my [feeble] defense, I'm sure he took naps, too... just not as long as RVW, and not as well documented. I'm just sayin'. [Yeah, lame excuse, I know, lol.]
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From Zuben'Ubi
Nobody has even mentioned "ninja gymnist." Have you become Kim Possible?
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