Entry: Steadfast Orion
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From Dusty
Jessica - I'm crying right now. Seriously. Thank you sososososososososo much for posting this - Sam and Josh thank you too! You have won a lifelong fan today... I don't even know what else to say, just thank you.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
PS: To those fools who suggested that dear Joshua take Karate in case “it happens again,” well, I think you’re going to need something a little more functional than Karate.

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From Jonsan
Yeah, Karate not really the way to go when it is 3v1 in an enclosed space. Sport fighting won't save your life there.

This sort of thing is one of the reasons I train in the Bujinkan. Ultimately, our safety and survival is a personal responsibility, and when that lesson is demonstrated with such atrocious violence and evil I am saddened.

The Supreme Court has said the police have no legal obligation to protect individual citizens, so I wonder how far his case against the transit company will go. My sincerest prayers and well wishes go his way, I hope he heals.

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From WTL
Website: http://www.wtl.technomages.net
That kind of shit really pisses me off. There isn't anything I can really do - I live up in Ottawa (Canada) - but if I saw someone that fucked up, you bet I'd stop.

I'll send some good vibes down his way.
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From kristina
That was very disturbing and sad. I am so thankful I live in Canada.
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From ryecatcher
i'm thankful you live in canada too. But for an entirely different reason.
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From Curt Sawyer
This is why, in my world, there are a lot fewer people. Becuase in my world we've executed all the people who get off preying on others. And I suspect a lot more people fit into that category than we'd like to believe.
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From naiah christine earhart
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
I'm here, visiting in LA, and I had a "moment" tonight. Looking out of my hotel room window, I thought that the lights lining the park here (behind the convention centerish place here in Old Pasadena) looked beguiling to say the least.

I put on my shoes and just about headed out. I had a moment of doubt, and I didn't go out. I can't say what it's like, specifically, here crimewise, but I did that quick gut check and it didn't come back all systems go...y'know?

Glad I stayed in.

It's a lot better in Seattle. Anywhere you're likely to be walking, so are lots of other folks. Though I did have a friend who got mugged. They took his Starbucks card. I kid you not.

It's a strange, strange world.
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