Entry: The Story of a Moment
Official= Official Comment

From Toby
JSto, you're not just going to kick ass, you ARE ALREADY kicking ass. I am the fecal matter and am looking forward to the enlightenment.

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From John Doom
Website: http://johndoom.blogspot.com
My little Ninjai, you are great and you will go quite far. Keep on keepin' on.
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From Unsomnambulist
Website: http://unsomnambulist.blogspot.com
I've been a lurker for a couple months now... this post makes me an official, die hard fan.
Someday I can only hope to wallow in your awesomeness.
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From Q
Wow. I only do news shows, but after that entry, I'm hitting that show HARD in the morning.

PS. I want to read the screenplay, and that's just from the blog. One of your letters would prob wilt any resistance.
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From naiah
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
Ack!! Can't wait to see it!!!

(I'm not even stressing the if-it-get's-picked-up part; it's *so* in the bag.)
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From Kevin McD
Website: http://www.sonicbeef.com
We need to talk. In email. Seriously. I'll sign every NDA you've got.
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From Amanda T.
*bows to the awesomeness*
I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! haha
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From Nathanael
Website: http://www.xanga.com/emperorhand
Everyone will know the awesomeness that is the screenplay, but only we know all of the hard work that it took to get to that point. So in a sense, some of that awesomeness rubs off on us. Sweet!
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From James
JSto you are amazing and strong. I have no doubt that your screenplay is the shit, and whole world will be singing your praises in no time.
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From Dave
Please post at least half a page!
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From Glenn
I absolutely love girls who say "fuck".
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From Jon
I just read the FAQ again. I must ask, oh Awesome one, what in the heck is a bowstaff?

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From Clay
Website: http://www.clayharrison.net/blog/blog.html
If I only had half your confidnece and all your ninja skills...
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