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From Dusty
I wish I was there at the beach. I haven't even had a chance to venture to the beach yet this season - I know, pathetic. Life gets in the way entirely too much for my liking. I should just call in sick, but then I always end up feeling guilty and not being able to enjoy myself as much as when I know I am FREEEEEE. At least I can live vicariously through you. Although everytime you said "backwash" I immediately thought of a spit...
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From Stef
Jess, you make a story about a catching a bag more interesting than most stuff that I have read lately (except Harry Potter, which I am reading again because it's awesome.)
And thanks again for your email about the poet kid who is totally not cool and needs to learn a thing or two about writing from you.
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From robert dean
Website: http://lorange.blogspot.com
Fighting waves and saving the life of a lost, abandoned bag all in one day is quite awesome.

Thanks for the enjoyable posts.
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From spstanley
It was my bag! I'm so surprised that it made it from my home in Minnesota to your moving car!

Was I convincing? Do I win?
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From naiah
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
and this, this is why I want to be YOU when I grow up...
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Spstanley Ė E-mail me your addy and Iíll return the bag to you. Iím sure you miss it a lot. You should be more careful with your valuables.

From FoxForceFive
Website: http://www.blogigo.co.uk/foxforcefive
That was some kick-ass blogging.
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From Lisa A.
11:16 est and I thought before going to bed - I need a dose of J.Sto. So glad I did. Now I can sleep peacefully. Thanks
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From Sarah Yass
Jess I want to come back and visit again so we can get crushed by waves together! Also, about the dance competition...my sister and I recently bought the DVD that teaches you the dance moves from You Got Served. The DVD will teach you pops, locks, flips, freezes, how to break it down and drop it like it's HOT-just like they do in the streets! What more could a white girl from Virginia want?!?!
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
OMG, S.Yass. That is totally YGS rad. I am hella borrowing that DVD at some point.

And, today, someone told me this:
ďWhen I first met you, I thought you were an Uh-oh Oreo. But then I realized thatís just your gangsta style.Ē

That is both awesome and hilarious.

PS: I definitely already know how to drop it like itís HOT.


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