Entry: Londontown is Walking
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From Q
"Those things can happen and there may come a moment when the smoke is on your clothes, and hands, too."

VERY well said.
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From Curt Sawyer
As someone who lived in Northern Virginia during 9-11, and moved to NYC 2 months later, I understand the need to hold firm and not be intimidated. Things were certainly easier when it was nation vs. nation. At least you knew who and where to strike back. Much too confusing these days.
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From Curt Sawyer
Oh, and I've been to London many times on business and ridden the tube and taken trains out of Kings Cross. And I love the ale there. Terrorism pisses me off.
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From Jonsan
Fan of Robert Humphrey?
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Official Comment From Jessica
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From FoxForceFive
Website: http://thefoxforcefive.blogspot.com/
Its not these little attacks that scare me. Its how the West responds to them that does. After 9/11 we were all waiting for the next big attack, and kept asking: is it over?

Since then what we spent on the war has cost more than building the twin towers, destroying them, cleaning them up and rebuilding them again would cost.

More lives have been lost in our war than were killed on 9/11.
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From WTL
Website: http://www.wtl.technomages.net
London will be business as usual in a few days. If the Germans bombing London for weeks didn't stop them, who is dumb enough to think that a few small bombs will make them change?
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From TOS
Website: http://wandertos.blogspot.com
Amazing how eloquent Blair is and how much of a dumb redneck illiterate our prez is... he STILL can't even say Abu Gharib yet - can't they get him a speech coach or does he like making us the laughingstock of the world in addition to target #1...
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From Jan
I was in London on Thursday (for the very first time!). I had arrived on King's Cross on Wednesday evening, which made Thursday's events very personal. Although I was not anywhere close to where the incidents happened at that time, I do have to comment how brave and calm and determined the Londoners were all day long. I'm amazed how helpful the Londoners wre to all of us lost and confused travelers given the circumstances! I am still quite moved!
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From Stef
I <3 London
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From Christopher Schiller
Website: http://wise-old-sage.blog-city.com/
The saddest of ironies is that the bus was exploded across the street from a park that has a statue of Ghandi, one of the most peaceable people that ever walked on the planet who dedicated his life to non-violent means and in so doing freed his people. And on the side of the bus was an advertisement for Coca-cola with a stylized flower behind a bottle with the word "Peace" in their classic script.

How will they learn if they keep their eyes closed to the messages in front of them?
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