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From Stef
LOVE the Lockhart mention! I was thinking along those same lines. I'm surprised he didn't ask you to sit around helping him answer his fan mail in exchange for his not so helpful advice.
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From naiah
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
This is going to sound crazy, but, and I kid you not, contact your local Mormon church. (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Every local area has what is called a "family history center," and the little old ladies there fucking know everything about geneology.

The LDS church has the largest database of geneological records on the planet, and it's all accessible from little computer terminals at the family history centers.

You can get in touch with the local church through the phone book, the local missionaries, etc.

Mormons are notoriously useful.
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From Sponky
Website: http://toomanylosers.blogspot.com
HA! That post was awesome.
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From Kevin McD
Website: http://www.sonicbeef.com
I'm surprised he didn't offer to send you an autographed photo of his books...for a nominal fee, of course.
All I read in his reponse was "MEMEMEMEMEMEME
He doesn't even rate as an ass. More like a mole.
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From GeekRev
Nice! Quite a send up!

On another note, I've got a mega-subscription to ancestry.com if you need a lookup of something. No royalty (that I know of) in my family. I'm just trying to research my Dad's side of the fam.

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From jellyfish
Website: http://jellyfishonline.blogspot.com
Hah! That's fabulous. He's clearly dying for you to ask if you may turn one of his rollicking romance novels (or whatever) into a screenplay and, subsequently, a hit movie, preferably starring him.

Bring on St Mungo's, I say. Maybe they'll teach him joined up writing.
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From Xyloart
It's really scary how pretty much every personality possible can be found in the Harry Potter books. I wonder who I would be...
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From morgant
Website: http://telaranrhiod.com
If you haven't been yet, check out http://eugenestratton.com

Nothing says professional like a bright red background. As a follow up, you can check out Stratton's obvious inspiration for his brilliant design:
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From Melissa Case
I did all my family's geneology....using resources off the internet. Ancestry.com is good but I also used the LDS info the website is LDS.org

And, Yes I am a mormon! Geneology is so much fun and its addicting! Good Luck
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From Amanda
Is it wrong that I keep reading that as LSD.com? Major Gilderoy tendencies indeed. I haven't emailed too many authors lately, but that was some insane self-promotion. Gross, get it off me...
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From Q
Postscripts rock.

I also agree with the comment above that the family research is addicting. Many times, I get on a thread, look up, and it's the next day. Good luck!
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From EdwoodCA
Website: http://edwood.net
naiah's suggestion for the LDS resources is a great one, Jessica.

There goal is to trace EVERYONE's lineage. [holy crap! - no pun intended]

So you don't have to be a Mormon or have a Mormon family to benefit from their massive amount of work.

-Edwood of the Shade
[not a Mormon, or anything else. I'm SO going to hell for lotsa things, though!]
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From EdwoodCA
"There" ???

Oh, man. Such shame at causing all my old English grammer teachers to spin in their [I got it write!] graves.
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From EdwoodCA
Oh, god. "grammer"

[sobbing] Make it stop. Please. [more sobs] Make it stop.

My grammAr teachers have now reached light speed with their spinning.
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From Jessica # 2
BAH! Jessiquest strikes yet again!
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From Dusty
Website: http://metadusty.blogspot.com
I actually tried to go to www.gilderoylockhart.com - too bad it doesn't exist. I wonder if anyone owns the domain name? This guy should. But it's more like Gilderoy Blowhard. Definitely asshat material...
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