Entry: Starvers
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From Shawn
Even StarSearch?
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From Hippofant
Stargate. It's... a gate to the ... planets, really. But one word. Stargate SG-1 actually. Stargate Atlantis is a totally different show with another Jack O'Neill-like character.

But Jack himself, portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson, is only a recurring character this season, as RDA has mostly retired to be with his family, to be replaced by Ben Browder, of Firefly fame, who is also attractive for a man, I suppose. The new "Jack" on Stargate Atlantis too.

Just you know, so your mom isn't disappointed.
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From The Gunn
Website: http://www.jessicastover.com
I have a friend on a personals website, and his username is 'StarFucker' So i'm sure your parents would just love him. big smile

From Jessica #2
I knew Jessica was a closet Dancing With the Stars lover.
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From Eddie
Do you mean your brakes? Puts tail between legs and runs away after pointing out common error to the wonderful J.Sto... The only reason I'm compelled to say anything is because no matter how many times I proofread one of my creations before sending it to someone "important", the next day I find a some huge typo on page 1, or even a run-on sentence like this one. oh well... You still rock!
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From naiah"dot"
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
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From EdwoodCA
2nd that, on the 'po'.

Oh, wait... "peace out", right?

'Cause you wouldn't be sayin' "piss off" to yer Mom. Although, you two have got The Funny working in your genes. So...
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From Stef
What about Nashville Star?
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From Brian
Website: http://ripleybsx.blogspot.com
And just to get all ultra-geeky on Hippofant there, I'd like to point out that Ben Browder was on the show Farscape, not Firefly. I can see the confusion, they were both really kick-ass shows featuring guys on the run in leaky old starships...

As for the car maintenance, J.Sto, I'll tell ya... in my case, as long as it keeps running, I tend to forget about maintenance in the first place.

Which reminds me, I'm about 1,000 miles overdue... gotta go!
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae

The next person who corrects me publicly is BANNED.


From Stef
Since I keep you updated on HP news and believe that Kirsten Dunst is totally overrated, can I be excluded from that next person to correct you is banned thing?
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From dusty
Website: http://metadusty.blogspot.com
I have nightmares about my brakes going out.

Speaking of HP, have you seen this gem yet?
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From Xyloart
Website: http://www.frankenshoe.com
Richard Dean Anderson FTW!
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From Amanda
Along the same lines as your mom telling you 'peace out,' back in the day my mom once used the line 'I'm gonna hurl my cookies.' I immediately informed her that she was forbidden to pretend to be cool.
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From Steve
I am being brought down by the man. *l*
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