Entry: Worfs, Worfs, Worfs...
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From shane
Website: http://www.nickerblog.com
This probably goes without saying, but my AIM name is NOT Nickyblog.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
He's telling the truth.

Nickerblog's true AIM sn is...


I told him that it was too long, but he said that he has had it since high school and doesn't want to change.

BTW, my sn is totally "Jessica." You should try to IM me right now.

From shane
Website: http://www.nickerblog.com

You win this one JMS. You win this one.
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From Iria
Excuse me, but the only possibility for a band name has to be 'Steppenworf'. So, does someone take the challenge to transfer the "Born to be Wild" lyrics into the Trek universe? wink
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From wendy Maybury
Website: http://wendymay.blogspot.com
Holy crap- that was the funniest thing i have read in a looong time.


Did we do Bare Neaked Worfies?
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From Wendy Maybury
for the record: Neaked is a combination between nekkid and naked.

lame is so the new cool.
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From Steve
You should move to Paris and change your names to Fitzgerald and Hemmingway.
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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://home.nyc.rr.com/csawyer
Someone should send this to Dorn. Especially the album art.
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From z-man
I'm dissappionted no one came up with:

Flock of Worfs
W.W.A - Worfs With Attitude
The Black Eyed Worfs
Flaming Worfs
The Violent Worfs
Ted Worfgent

And My favorite

DJ Worfi Worf & the Fresh Worf
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From Robert
Website: http://www.robertspuhler.com
A Tribe Called Worf and De La Worf always work.

Run W-O-R...F?

10,000 Worfiacs?
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From Shawn
Website: http://lxg.typepad.com
Peter, Paul, and Worf.
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From naiah"dot"
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
Clearly I need to just set up an AIM account already...

Worfgang Amadeus Mozart.
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From robert dean
Website: http://lorange.blogspot.com
Everyone in the office is wondering what I'm laughing at

Simon & Worfunkel, I tell them. Simon & Worfunkel.
Must stop laughing.

They don't get it. God I hate them.

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From FoxForceFive
Website: http://thefoxforcefive.blogspot.com
The Grateful Worf
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From EdwoodCA
Jessica, have you seen Batman Returns with Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman?

When she and Bruce are dancing at a party and find out each others' identities, "Face to Face" by Souixie & The Banshees is playing.

Not their typical, quirky, unique, weird, great style, but actually very accessible and sexy in it's own right.
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From EdwoodCA
Great band names. Esp. Simon & Worfunkel. Anyone do Van Worfen, yet? Papa Worf? Oh wait, Big Head Worf & the Monsters. Oh yeah.

Collective Worf - The Borg Album
our favorite film composer, Danny Worfman;
Electric Worf Orchestra; Everything But The Worf;
Kaiser Worfs;
Less Than Worf;
Me Worf & The Gimme Gimmes; Mighty Mighty Worftones;
and Worf Chung.
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From Eve
Website: http://www.the3facesofeve.blogspot.com
laughing too hard... no sound coming out.. drooling! Don't stop...
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From cory
does Duran Worf sing "hungry like the worf"?
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From lisa
Website: http://futuristicky.com
you guys made me laugh a lot. don't forget my favorite band from junior high -- New Kids on the Worf. Oh, I'm so tempted to start photoshoppin'...
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From Junaid
Klingon + band names = some really funny stuff. Who'd have thought...
Here's one from me:
Worf the Wet Sprocket
oh, wait another one: Worfiroquai
also, Worf Jam (or Pearl Worf)...oh, man, now I can't stop..
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From iiibbb
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From Patty
Website: http://pattis.blogspot.com
I just pooed myself laughing.
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From iiibbb
The artist formally known as Worf
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From Kristina
i didnt see goo goo worfs
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From iiibbb
Must... clear... head.... gack...

- Flock of Worfs
- Klingon Culture on the Skids
- Warriors Hall Crashers
- Worf Zappa
- Led Starship
- The Soggy Bottom Worfs (fictional)
- The Talking Worfs
- The Beeworfs

arrrgh... my brain...
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From kelli
its a sad sad world when this is what it comes to.. I dont even know what a Worf is, Im not a scifi/fantasy kind of person but how about the worf kids on the block, or worf to men... I suck at shit I dont know...
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From Alex Blagg
Website: http://blaggblogg.blogspot.com
hmm. tough call. but i'm gonna say "no". remove this post at once.
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From Mal
This made me laugh like an idiot in front of startled onlookers. It was awesome. Thank you, Ninja. Thank you, Nickyblog.

How 'bout Creedence Worfwater Revival? Eh? Worf... Worfwater?
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