Entry: C.Sto’s Revenge
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From Robert
Website: http://www.robertspuhler.com
When you're, like, totally rich...will you buy me a soccer team? Awesome.
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From Naiah"dot"
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
Who are these professionals and how do I bribe them?
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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://home.nyc.rr.com/csawyer
Remember the little readers of JSDC when you make it big. smile
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From C.Sto
I've been reading your screenplay in it's various stages for I don't know how long and I can tell you that unless these people are a little less than functionally retarded they are going to love it.

PS - I will have my revenge!
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From Erich the Viking King
I can't get C.Sto to tell me any details about your screenplay, and you won't let me read it, but from what I hear it sounds pretty f'ing cool.

I don't suppose you will need any viking kings to star in the movie will you? Because I happen to know one that would be perfect.
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From Professor Robbins
While I don't choose to comment often on this site, I thought I would make an exception to tell you that judging by the writing I have observed here, I think that you must have produced an excellent story that one day I will pay good money to go see in the theatres and then later buy on DVD.
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From Magazine Man
Website: http://masthead.blogspot.com
Good luck, and let us know what you hear.

They say the waiting is the hardest part.

But that's only if you have nothing to drink while waiting...
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From EdwoodCA
Positive Mojo headed your way. Hope & expect to hear good things.

Now, where's that old Atari VCS [aka: 2600] with my Yar's Revenge cartridge...
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From Pete
Website: http://www.peterdewolf.com
Is it just me or does "C.Sto's Revenge" sound like some sort of gastrointestinal issue?

Probably just me, eh?
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From Pauly D
Website: http://pauldavidson.net
Good luck. Fingers crossed.
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From dorkiepervason
JSto doesn't need luck, she's got skills. Ninja skills, poetry skills, acting skills. Skillz smile
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From dusty
Website: http://metadusty.blogspot.com
Checking in from Ft. Collins, CO from my sister's desk in the stream ecology lab at CO Stat University - just wanted to say good luck! I hope you are doing something awesome to celebrate this gigantic step. I'll do a celebratory shot for you tonight smile
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From Napoleon Dynamite
uhhh heh Girls like guys with skillz.
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From Eddie
Friggin' awsome!
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From Dariush
Website: http://www.dariushshafa.blogspot.com
This is going to be flippin' sweet.

When you become famous, can I be your bodyguard?
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From TOS
Website: http://wandertos.blogspot.com
C.Sto's Revenge - The Sith Look for their next movie gig wink
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From Helena
Website: http://www.poethelena.com
I am willing fame and fortune for you. Of course, I have been trying to will myself a quality dude for months now without success. But I think maybe those are harder to come by than fame and fortune...

Good stuff will happen.
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From BB
I have been fortunate enough to hear little bits and pieces of your screenplay while playing around the Stover home. You definitely don't need luck because that s**t is f'ing sweet!
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From Dariush
Website: http://www.dariushshafa.blogspot.com
Oh yeah, and the rad link is completely hypnotic. It's like a car crash. I don't really want to see it, but I can't help but listen to it.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Stop trying to use me, you freaks! You’re worse than that communist guy.

Anyway, seriously, thanks for the kind words. And, no, I don’t need any Smirnoff Ice Vikings, Erich.

Dusty, I celebrated by… wait for it… wait for it… writing. What sort of shot? I hope it was Pepe Lopez because I stole a bottle of that from The Grizz on prom so it has special meaning.

Dariush, clearly Worf will be my bodyguard. I mean, come on. He can’t say no.

And, thanks, BB. I totally didn’t know that you could type. If that can happen, then anything can. Soon the nerds will make me their queen. I just know it.

From Erich the Viking King
Everyone needs Smirnoff Ice Vikings, you have no idea how popular I am.
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