Entry: Banner of the Aequinoctialis
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From Eddie
It is so "ON" first thing tomorrow morning! Or the next day for sure...
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Official Comment From Jessica
Oh come on, people; fucking get your game faces on already or I will never allow you to play on my dodgeball team.

From Stef
I put my game face on the other day and I refuse to take it off.
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From Naiah"dot"
Website: http://naiah.synthian.org
"Whatever road, whatever challenge you are facing: Now is the time."

Fuck yeah! Good to know! Thanks, I needed to hear that, oh oracle of awesomeness.
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From EdwoodCA
Website: http://edwood.net
I just woke up a half hour ago. [It's 5:22pm PDT] [edit: now a full hour; it's after 6pm, now. Had b-fast; postd to my blog; took a call, lol.]

I CLEARLY suck at the "up and at 'em" that I should be taking on.

Would be great if 12 hours in bed [yep, hit the sack at 5am] yielded about 12 hours of sleep, but... had trouble falling asleep, so I read a finacial book by Ron Insana for 40 mins. Slept for about 6 hours, then off an on for about the next 5. The last 3 spent mostly daydreaming. Not about being obscenely wealthy so I could continue my lazy-ass ways. But...

[End post here 'cause it's already too damn long.]
And clue me in... I couldn't find out what Aequinoctialis means.

Maybe something with the 10th water's something, or other??

Oh... finally... a sea bird that flys far out to, uh... sea.
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From Brent
I know this one! I'm on to you now Stover

It's latin for relating to the equinox
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From EdwoodCA
You're correct. Good on you, dude.

I could only find Procellaria aequinoctialis [a White-chinned Petrel, or bird that flys out far to sea] LOL.
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