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From Magazine Man
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Dang. You're Batgirl!

Can nothing stop you?
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From Dariush
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Hey, J.Sto, I know this is going to sound totally evil but going to the disaster area is a REALLY bad idea right now.

The underground whisper in the medical community is that there are multiple exotic bacterial infections on the loose, not to mention a Cholera epidemic in the making and E. Coli running rampant. Everyone who goes down seems to be coming back sick.

I hate to be THAT GUY but going down there is extremely dangerous right now.

And infections don't care if you're a ninja. We can't go losing our leader, can we?

p.s. - for the record, i've still volunteered to go.
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From Rick
There is this kind of run around BS everywhere. There are tons of reserve and national guard troops still in the states that are really pissed right now because despite already being trained for this kind of environment will not be sent. If you add up the pathetic behavior of people looting, raping, and murdering people in the disaster area with the sudden cropping up of fraud sites to "help the victims" its no wonder that everyone is just frustrated. I watch the news and see that people crawled into their attic to escape the water and now are angry that it took so long to rescue them....well maybe if you didnít go into an enclosed space with only one exit then you could have been spotted earlier. There is a lot of responsibility for the failures that have occurred, some on the agencies set up to help these people and some on the victims themselves. All in all a sad chapter in our history.
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Official Comment From Jessica
One of my friends managed to get through the training in NOVA, but sheís had the same issues with the Red Cross all along the way. She has had to show up at the Red Cross chapter everyday in order to get answers, and they wonít give her any information on when she might be deployed, despite the fact that she will be going for three weeks. For instance, they told her that she was going yesterday, and she had to go up there to find out that, in actuality, she was not. And the rudeness of many of the Red Cross workers who are interfacing with volunteers has not gone unnoticed, either.

It is my belief that this issue is a trickle down effect from the top, and certainly I donít mean to make the Red Cross out to be something horrible or blame the local chapters for something that is wrong at the national level.

But, I also think, in this situation, it has become too difficult to be hands on. Furthermore, this is worth considering: If the Red Cross is not organized locally, at their chapters, how can they guarantee volunteer safety at the shelters, etc? Overall the entire operation is so muddled that helping from afar will have to be enough. This is less appealing to the sorts of persons that, for whatever reason, prefer to be in the thick of it, but still important.

From S.Sta
Regardless of whether you contribute to the recovery efforts by volunteering or sending cash, Feed the Children has their act together:

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From FoxForceFive
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Danger-schmanger, bacteria-shmackteria. I'd drive down there in my Honda Civic, pick a house, or a person, or a family, and see what I can do to help them.

I heard on the news that they need 40,000 volunteers, well how do they plan to get these voluteers?

Yep, I would so drive down there, if I didn't have class tomorrow and a Bio test on Tuesday.
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From Holly
What Jess and I have experienced with the Red Cross is so frusterating! I was supposed to be deployed yesterday. Still, no call from the Red Cross and no idea when they plan to call. Jess, I hope you have better luck with the Red Cross than I have had the last few weeks smile
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